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What are your thoughts on children and chores?

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I love the idea of chores! It builds responsibility, sense of community, independence and basic life skills. However, let’s face it, it usually causes more work for the parents at the beginning than they’re actually worth. One of my 4 year old’s current chores is to make sure the dogs have enough water. After at least the second time I remind her 😒 she finally fills the bowl (I had to turn on the faucet), walks the water over to the dog mat (while I followed her the entire time with a towel because about as much water ends up on the floor) and she places the water down with enough of a splash to warrant me filling it all over again 🤦‍♀️. Still, I praise her and she gets the sense of accomplishment I think is so important, so we don’t back off. But at this age chores are to build their character not to make life easier 🤷‍♀️

– Ally Gonzalez


Simple chores from as soon as they can understand what a chore is. And by age 12 you’re on your own for laundry.

– Deena McDaniel


I thoroughly believe in age appropriate chores. The last generation was somewhat handicapped because parents did so much for them. Now they can’t make themselves a decent meal

– @ladydiana27

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