A Dreaded Phone Call: Time’s Up



I got the phone call, I already knew it was coming but I wasn’t sure exactly what day it would be. 

My time is finally up. My office told us we had to return to work. I returned to work approximately a month ago, and I dream about my Work from Home days. Working from home meant the following for me.

No Commute

Oh my gosh, the commute. I don’t care if your job is 10 minutes or 1 hour away. No commute is better than a commute. The commute means losing time to cater to yourself and your family. 

Mid-Day Hugs

When you work from home, you can get mid-day hugs from your family. It’s is not an option when you are in the office. Unless, of course, you plan to spend time with your HR department.  

I should also mention that I get better hugs now that I work at the office. Since they miss me, they give me big hugs when I get home.

Eating At A Decent Hour

Without the commute, dinner can start earlier. 

Saving Money

Working from home means I didn’t have wear and tear on a car, no car payments, decreased car insurance, and less gas. For some, it also means no bus or train passes. I also spent less money on food and clothing. Wearing shorts and t-shirts every day was great. 

Working Comfortably

It was nice working on a laptop laying down or with legs stretched out across multiple chairs without any shoes. I want to see how your co-workers react when you try that at your office desk.  

As the old adage goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Back To The Grind.

This article was written by The Kid On The Go. Click here to find things to do with your kids for the weekend.

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Zee was born and raised in Miami and attended the University of Florida. Then she spent about fifteen years up North; while building her family and expanding in her career, she always knew she wanted to connect more with the community. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children, ages 5 years old, 5, and 6. Yes, twins! Zee considers these moments that she spends hanging out with them a joy that will last until adulthood. She moved back to the Broward area about 2 years ago. She always had difficulty finding things to do with the kids, so she just decided to create a platform herself! When she launched “The Kid on the Go.” she intended to build a network to serve the community in which other moms would also have a place to find activities for the kids to do in their area. She believes that if we as moms can provide opportunities and activities to keep them busy, it will embrace their creativity. These options are provided so they can engage in positively spending their time. It provides resources in Broward County and South Florida locations where all the kids and their families could have fun together.



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