Valuable Lesson Learned On Our Playdate


One of the perks of motherhood, I must say, is playtime with your little one. You get to know your child. An afternoon on the floor surrounded by Duplos or Legos is not my idea of a perfect playdate. I love checking out all the new restaurants in town, and trying new foods with the kids. But there have been valuable lessons learned from these playdates. Honesty, I am a fan of outdoor play and will cheer you on for a game of tennis or even a run around the playground. There are indoor games, and the COVID world of social distancing saw all of us doing more of that for a while. 

Here is how it all started. I was, sitting on the floor with Duplos and my daughter, watching imagination come to life as she was trying to build out a modern version of Cinderella’s castle or something of that nature. The structure came up fast as it could for a child with no hesitations about their abilities. I applauded her for her confidence; however, it came down crashing as quickly as it went up. She let out a wail, and Duplos went flying all over the place in frustration and anger. Alas, the structure had a weak foundation for the magnitude of the imagination. 

I helped her take a few deep breaths and think about what had happened. All was not lost. Anything that goes down will come up again. And I am here to help. Imagine trying to give your little one a lesson in gravity. Yeah! That didn’t work out too well. I then asked if we could try again. I thought, well, two pairs of hands and two minds at work are better than one. I asked her to describe what she wanted, and we could work on it together. So, she explained the idea and discussed what could be done better this time.

We got the structure back up again, and this time with a stronger foundation. 

Whew! I sure was relieved. 

We may not get everything right the first time. I marveled at the lessons learned. Subtly, we had laid the foundation of the value of teamwork, leadership skills, and perseverance. I knew it was the foundation of security, self-esteem, and confidence. Most of all, my daughter appreciated my involvement, which I knew translated to say that I thought she was important enough.

I couldn’t go wrong on this. As we were driving back home a few days later, my daughter was on the phone with her aunt overseas. They were planning a game of Minecraft online. My daughter reassured her aunt that she would teach her if it were a new game for her. But, if it was something new for both of them, they could learn together. 

I did a silent happy dance. It was a win-win for me, a planted seed of confidence and the value of working as a team. That’s all I needed for now until the next game of Duplo.

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Violina Bhattacharyya
Dr. Bhattacharyya (we get to call her Violina) is the owner and CEO of WonderKidz Pediatrics and a mom of two, ages seven and eleven. She did her medical schooling in India and completed her residency in pediatrics at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. She has been in practice for the last eleven years in Miami and will be opening her new office in Broward at the end of this year. A typical day for her can be super busy and yet exciting because every day as a pediatrician is a new adventure. After office hours, it's home sweet home where she and her husband enjoy family time. She loves to try different cuisines and still makes time to secretly binge watching her favorite Netflix shows! Her niche is in child behavioral health and has a passion for helping families who need that extra assistance for their precious little one. Her experience in behavioral health at the primary care level allows her to continue to help families as needed as well as help adopt and adhere to healthy lifestyle choices for their children from birth to adolescence.


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