Don’t Be Alarmed On The First Day Of Kindergarten



Before School
  1. Your child will be hungry
  2. Your child will be tired
  3. They are more independent than you think 

…….. It’s OK

Let’s face it; whether you have one child or five, the first day of kindergarten is always nerve-wracking. Maya is the youngest, so she has visited the school a few times within the past few years. I was shocked when she walked out of the car and told her sister, “No! I don’t need you to walk me to class”. I was like, “wait what.” I just finished giving Laila and Isiah the third degree assuring they understood to walk Maya to class. Of course, I have all kinds of emotions going on, worried because I mean, come on, it’s the first day, and I wanted to walk her all the way into her class! But, once again, classic covid messing things up again.

 I just had to sit tight. 

They get out of the car, Isiah leaves them, and Maya wants to go off on her own. Thankfully, she let Laila walk her to class. I heard her and said, “No, Maya it’s okay let your sissy take you today” Gulp. 

I know we moms can overreact sometimes but not really because each of our feelings as a mom is different. 

They just got over the summer of all the fun and a million snacks during the day. It doesn’t matter how many snacks and food you send in their lunch box; for some reason, they are always hungry on the first day! So don’t feel bad. They are just getting accustomed to a change in routine.

After School


When I picked up Maya for her first day, as soon as she walked in the car, she looked like she just ran a marathon, and her hair was all over. She looked like a “hot mess”! I said to her, “Maya you are tired” she said, “No! I’m not!”. I think I was driving for about eight minutes and looked back at her, and she was knocked out. 





Big sister came to rescue! 

Just here to say, don’t worry, mom, it’s normal for them to be hungry and tired on the first day and just grow up right in front of your eyes! 

Just like that! 


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