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What were your breastfeeding challenges and successes?

Every breastfeeding journey is unique but we can learn from each others’ experiences.


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In the beginning, I felt like we were doing great, until I had to start pumping to build a supply to go back to work. Spending 20-30 minutes tied to a machine to net less than 2 oz TOTAL was so disheartening. Cue the anxiety and stress that if I couldn’t pump enough, was my baby even getting enough to eat?! He was.

I just needed to train my body to produce more at those in-between pumping sessions until I went back to work and my pumping sessions actually replaced feedings while I was away. It was a process. And I ate oatmeal, lactation cookies, mothers milk tea, all of the above to help to build my supply. What really helped the most though was power pumping. Spending 1 hour pumping and basically mimicking a growth spurt: 20 minutes pumping, 10 minute break, 10 minutes pumping, 10 minute break and one last 10 minute session. I did this everyday on my hour long commute and built up so I could cut from 5 sessions a day to only 3 and have enough for my son while I was in the office.
Definitely a labor of love ❤️

– Allison Vorcheimer


At the beginning of my journey I was super worried about making sure she was eating “enough”. She was born at 5 pounds. I even started pumping just to make sure I knew how many ounces she was taking. But after stressing out way too much for way too long, I started to relax and learn her hunger signs and feed her on a loose schedule. I tried to hold off for at least 3 hours but didn’t stick to it if she was really hungry. She started to gain weight very steadily, she was up to the 80th percentile, and I was much more relaxed and in charge of my breastfeeding journey 😊

– Ally Gonzalez

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