FTL Forum: Children’s Achievements


We want you to brag a little bit proud mamas!

What was you child’s latest milestone or achievement?

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Not to brag… lol!! It was actually exciting to see my daughter start to read 2-3 letter words on her own!! The next milestone we’re excited and anxious to experience is starting VPK in a couple of weeks! We’ve learned that preparation helps all of us feel significantly less worried!

– Ally Gonzalez


My 4.5 year old is doing chores (willingly!)

– @heathiey


High school graduation 💗

– Deena McDaniel


My 6.5 month old crawled for the first time a couple days ago 😍

– @madelyncheatwood


My son is reading chapter books after a difficult year of 1st grade. Struggling to catch up 🙌

– @ladydiana27


A WHOLE day accident free! Now we’re working on making that the NORM and not the exception 😅

– Allison Vorcheimer


Saying “Thank You & You’re Welcome” …even if it’s together voiced and in sign language! #overcomminicator 🧏🏻‍♀️

– Kellie Mackenroth

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