FTL Forum: Potty Training Challenges


What was your BIGGEST potty training challenge and how did you overcome it?

The good, the bad, and the ugly, share it with us!

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“My biggest challenge during this phase was a personal one. I had to get over the fact that she WAS going to have accidents in public. That was the only way for her to learn that she had to give me enough warning so that we could find a bathroom and the only way to help her understand that pee and poop was going to dirty her in public just as it did at home. So I made myself a “potty kit” with wipes, a change of clothes (including socks; pee travels pretty far), a plastic bag for the soiled ones and plenty of paper towels. Then I was strategic about where we went for the first week. Outdoor places were preferred, stayed away from carpets, etc. after about a week we got the hang of it 😊”

– Ally Gonzalez


“She wanted to pee pee like DAD! So we found a pee pee tree outside our house. She loved it, although squatting was her only choice 😉 <3 I know TMI”

– Deena McDaniel


“The first try, my son (19 months) did not pee in the toilet once! 3 days, every 15 minutes, not once! He would sit on the toilet and then pee in the living room right after he got off 😔 2 weeks later tried again, the first half of the day, no success. I finally decided we would play in the bathroom bottomless most of the morning and when he started to go, put him on the potty and made a HUGE deal! After 2-3x he got the idea and we started to have success with the every 15/30 minute rule.
Getting him to understand the goal of sitting on the toilet was the first big hurdle!”

– Allison Vorcheimer 

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