Grace and Growing: When your Baby Outgrows the China Cabinet


There’s this stage that we do not talk about. It’s the stage in between my beautiful sweet baby and toddler. We’ve conquered baby swaddling, those tiny-tiny snuggles, and the running rambling toddlers; but, what about the few solid months in-between? There’s this stage where every mom thinks, where’s my little baby. What’s happening to my life? Then you add a healthy dose of teething which turns these sweet babies into insomniacs.

Just when you think you have a routine down pat…

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G changes!

They no longer sleep at night, nap during the day, eat anything you give them, nor do they play on the same schedule. This time can be absolutely baffling because just when you think you have some sort of schedule, your life gets turned UPSIDE down! While we are happy to see our little ones grow we are also terrified of the next stage…more of the unknown. 

They are getting “their legs”, their personalities are developing and they are growing and learning. What does this mean? It means nasty bruises, bumps, bug bites, swollen lips and did we mention bruises? Basically, your child will look like you beat them when all you do…ALL day…every day is run after them and try to catch every fall. Well, you will not. They will fall. They will bruise. They will bleed and your heart will break. And it’s OK! Do you know why your heartbreaks? You guessed it because you are a TERRIFIC mom! While we try at every turn to keep them safe, bumps bruises and bleeds will happen. The most important part is to know that these small bumps and bruises are actually signs of progress. Sounds crazy I know and believe me I’m right there with you. If I could I’ll keep my LO locked in a china cabinet, forever porcelain I would. The reality is, its just not possible. They will run about, fall about and bruise about!

This stage will teach you…


Then there’s this little thing that becomes a really BIG debilitating thing…


Guilt is a part of mom(in), but it’s MOST important that we train ourselves to make it the smallest part. We have to learn to fill our hearts with all the positives and then the guilt will have no choice, but to be shoved down to the smallest part. There are so many emotions that go into being a mom. Then you add our hormones on top of that, coat it with logic and a hearty side of the unknown, it can make you feel like you are absolutely losing your mind. As a mom, we have to be conscious of our thoughts. When self-doubt creeps in, we have to make sure to remember for every strain of doubt you should name three positive things to combat those creepy things that try to emerge. No one said it will be easy, but your journey is not about easy. Your journey is worth. You are worthy of your beautiful baby and you wake up every day to be better than the day before. May you live every day reminding yourself of the great things you do to provide and help them flourish.

Mom, I pray you give yourself the best gift of all time…one you learn to unwrap every day…


You are worthy of grace.

You will overcome guilt.

You will learn grit.

Bless yourself with grace and let them grow and accept a few bumps and bruises or yucky but bites in the in-between stage. Remember it’s just as hard on them, after all, it’s not easy finding your “legs”…

This is dedicated to the amazing L&L and their journey filled with bumps and bruises. And also the two moms mending each other’s hearts along the way.



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