How To Raise Confident Children

I’ve found the earlier we teach our children about self-love the happier and healthier they may be. I’m a believer that the lessons on self-love and care start at home. Instilling a solid foundation early on prepares them for school and life in general. By doing so they can learn to control their thoughts, actions, and reactions to people and situations. 

How Can Parents Boost Their Child’s Confidence?

As simple as it may sound smiling is a small gesture that can brighten a child’s day in a big way. Paying attention to what they have to ask or say matters. Doing it with a smile shows interest and engagement. Many health studies claim that smiling helps to reduce stress, have a stronger immune system, be more successful, and live longer. These are all things we want for our children, right? Chances are that the more our children see us smile the more they will smile too! Smiling is a natural mood booster that helps people feel happy and confident.
Who better than a parent to cheer on their child? As much as we try to protect our children they will face challenges throughout their lives. We may not be able to solve each and every problem for them but we can certainly provide them with the tools to do so themselves. The goal is for our children to be effective communicators and problem solvers. Our role as parents is to guide them. We are nurturing self-esteem in our children when they feel and see that we are present. It’s important to empower children when they win AND when they lose. Kids need to learn to overcome obstacles and we need to still cheer them on even if it’s from the sidelines. When they struggle and we support them we help to develop positive self-esteem and confidence.
Children should be encouraged to use their voice and speak up if/when they feel necessary. Allowing children to express themselves help them feel more confident when starting or developing a conversation with others, especially when it comes to asking questions. It’s important for us to set a positive example and teach them to practice acts of self- love, and care. A great exercise for that is to state positive affirmations.
Tell your child three positive and direct affirmations each day. For example, today I told my daughter:
1) You did so well waking up and getting ready for school this morning. You’re becoming better at managing your time!
2) I appreciate that you tried to brush your own hair. You are getting better at styling it!
3) Thank you for cleaning out your backpack on your own. That’s so responsible of you to take initiative instead of waiting for me to remind you to do it!
You’ll see the glow in their eyes, a smile, and a more secure posture in their bodies. Encourage them to create the habit of saying positive statements about themselves. The more they say it the more they will believe it and BE it.
With social media platforms being something more and more children are taking part of it’s becoming easier for them to feel insecure about themselves, especially the older kids who have access to Facebook or Instagram for example.  When it comes to any social media platform it’s important for parents to supervise their children and even create filters if necessary. The best way to help your child cope through their insecurities is by communicating with them. Don’t be afraid to ask your child questions nor answer ones they may have for you. Teach them to believe in themselves and their abilities. Love and time are some of the greatest gifts we can give our children and many times the best home remedy for those growing pains the world may throw at them every now and then.
It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure our children think highly of themselves. Check in with them to see where they are mentally and emotionally. Simple steps such as observing, communicating, and engaging with them can help us raise confident children as well as keep them happy, healthy, and safe. 


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