Late Potty Training Is Not Taboo


Who made it law “it’s too early” or “too late” to potty train your child? Many parents can only potty train their children once they are three or four. Some parents don’t even potty train. This diaper-free training is still not a thing; no adult wets his pants. 

It’s OK if your child is not potty trained at 2 or 3. You can do it once you and your little one are ready. 

Change Your Approach

Let’s bein by changing  your approach. Potty training a toddler and a preschooler are different. The same technique people use to potty train a 2-year-old cannot be applied to a 4-year-old. 

Check out my guide for potty training 4-year-olds.

A toddler needs more attractive potty seats and the support of the parents, but when you potty train an older child, you need to work on his mindset first. He needs to agree that he is going to leave the diaper now. 

Create A Mindset Shift 

Making your child’s mind is the first step to potty training. If he is not willing, you won’t succeed. Sing potty songs with him and get him storybooks. Your kiddo must be ready before you make him sit on the potty seat. 

Let Your Kid Shop

Getting new things always excites kids. 4-year-olds love all the things that make them “big”. So, let your kid shop. Tell him,” we are going to get your new toilet seat so you can get rid of these little kids’ diapers. If you want, you can buy your colorful big kid underwear.”

Skip School For A Few Days

Potty accidents are common during potty training. Any school accident will embarrass your kid, and he will hate the idea of potty training. If your child is school-going, skipping a few days is best. 

Take Baby Steps

Your child is not a toddler anymore; it doesn’t mean he should learn to hold his bladder within no time. Understand your child and progress step by step. 

I suggest potty training your child in the daytime first; once he has learned to use the restroom when awake, you can start training at night. 

Evaluate & Reflect 

If, after doing everything right, you don’t see any progress in 4-5 days, it’s time to figure out if something needs to be fixed. If your child is trying but just can’t?

It’s best to seek the advise of your child’s pediatrician to rule out urinary tract infections or developmental delays.

If you couldn’t potty train your child at an early age, it’s completely fine. You can do it now. It is never too late. The good news is that potty training an older child is easier as they already have enough bladder strength and can visit the toilet independently. You have to encourage them and make up their mind to get rid of diapers and start using the restroom. Once they agree, potty training will be a breeze. 

original publish date: 2-16-2023

Guest Contributor


I’m Farwa, a mother of a 4-year-old and a loving wife. I’m passionate about learning and practicing new skills, and that includes the skill of positive parenting.

You can find me on my blog called “Peachyfours.”


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