Separation Anxiety: MOM’S First Day


It was the first day of Kindergarten for my twins and Fiona’s first day of first grade! Of course, Covid-19 took that away from her, and her first day of Kindergarten was e-learning. In my mind it was as though it was her first day of school as well! The girls only knew going to school virtually and always had mom by their side. I was filled with all kinds of emotions and afraid of how the twins would handle being separated for the first time. My husband and I walked them to their classes. The whole class looked so cute until one of the rugrats ratted me out, and I had to rush away from the window because the teacher turned around. I’m sure she is used to that but, I didn’t want to look all crazy. After dropping them off, we said our goodbyes and were headed out of the school. 

Before he knew it, I turned around and made a beeline back to their classes. I peeked through Shayla’s door, and I couldn’t see her. I went to Fiona’s class, and she was sitting just fine. Whew! 

As I was leaving that window, I heard my husband tell one of the counselors she is right there peeking through the windows. (The snitch).  

I hurried to the next class before they could get to me. 

Aww. If only you could see the look on Maya’s face sitting at her desk like a big girl. By then, the counselor actually caught up to me. I shared with her that my twins had never been separated before, and I had to check on them. Another teacher walked by, overheard, and said, “you have the separation anxiety, not them.” 

So, there you have it, this helicopter mom has to learn to control her separation anxiety. The kids are adjusting fine overall, and was happier than I imagined.  Someone said to me, “if there was something wrong, what were you going to do?”

Quite frankly, I have no idea.

Every day in a mom’s life is unique, and it can be filled with ups and downs, learning opportunities, new adventures, ultimately leading back to feeling the pure joy of motherhood. All we have are the moments we share, memories we create, and of course, all the fun activities and attending events, enjoying new experiences.

How was your kid’s first day of school?

This post is from The Kid On The Go.  When the kids are not in school, we enjoy attending events around South Florida on the weekend. 

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The Kid On The Go
Zee was born and raised in Miami and attended the University of Florida. Then she spent about fifteen years up North; while building her family and expanding in her career, she always knew she wanted to connect more with the community. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children, ages 5 years old, 5, and 6. Yes, twins! Zee considers these moments that she spends hanging out with them a joy that will last until adulthood. She moved back to the Broward area about 2 years ago. She always had difficulty finding things to do with the kids, so she just decided to create a platform herself! When she launched “The Kid on the Go.” she intended to build a network to serve the community in which other moms would also have a place to find activities for the kids to do in their area. She believes that if we as moms can provide opportunities and activities to keep them busy, it will embrace their creativity. These options are provided so they can engage in positively spending their time. It provides resources in Broward County and South Florida locations where all the kids and their families could have fun together.


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