The Importance of Children’s Chores


Growing up I never had to do a single chore. Therefore, when I had my first daughter I never thought of chores as a big deal. “We need to let kids be kids” was how I felt and didn’t think much of it. Well was I wrong, when baby number two came along I felt quite different. Now that I have done parenting both ways with and without a chore chart, using one was the way to go. I see the results every day from having my kids do chores, even just packing their toys away, my four-year-old is one hundred percent more responsible than my eight-year-old. The younger one would happily put her clothes in the hamper meanwhile, her sister leaves it wherever she takes it off and thinks “it’s my job” to pick up her clothes. I started a chore system about three years ago, the earlier you start the better. Today the kids feel entitled to get certain things, like a new toy every week or a weekly trip to the movies. However, they need to know what those things need to be earned or rewarded. Let’s set them up for success!

children's chores

Completing chores will help your child learn the importance of responsibility, develop needed life skills, be independent, feel a sense of accomplishment and knowing that hard work pays off. You can make your own chore chart customized with your family dynamics and even to your child’s personality! Observe what they like and what they are capable of completing and create a reward or payment system that works best for you. Below is a list of a few age appropriate chores. These are the chores that worked best in our household the great part is that you can edit your list.

Ages 2-3

Pick up toys & books
Put laundry in hamper
Wipe up messes (spilled water, juice, etc.)
Throw trash in garbage
Clear up area after eating
Help sort & fold Laundry (pair socks and folding
hand towels)
Put away laundry with assistance (put socks into
socks drawer)

Ages 4-6

All previous chores
Help put away groceries
Assist with setting the table
Get simple snacks & drinks on their own
Water plants
Make up bed
Bring in mail/newspapers
Tidy up their room
Empty the trash in their room when full
Fold/Put away small laundry items

Ages 7-9

All previous chores
Take out clothes from dryer
Fold simple laundry (underwear, tank tops,
sleeping clothes, towels)
Sort mail
Wipe down table
Assist with siblings (help open bottle water or

Ages 10+

All previous chores
Sort/fold laundry
Put clothes on hangers and pack away all laundry
Wipe down countertops
Clean Bathrooms
Take out garbage
Pack Lunches
Clean mirrors and windows

Remember, each child is different and develops skills at a different pace. Children love to help and feel wanted; encourage them and they will thank you one day.

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