Alejandra Gonzalez is an immigrant of the Hispanic country of Cuba and born to a single mother. Her parents divorced when she was only five months olds, so there have been a lot of vital life moments that have shaped her personality and ideologies, especially in terms of motherhood. Alejandra is a proud university graduate. She began her career in education right out of high school. Following in her family's footsteps of hard work, she worked full time throughout her educational years and became a K-6 Certified Teacher. During this journey, she met and fell in love with her husband and they started a family of their own. Her husband has a very similar background and holds the same values as she does. They currently live in a single-family home with their three-year-old daughter and two dogs. Both Alejandra and her husband are involved in education and although they have always been hard-working and dedicated individuals, they truly believe that parenthood has pushed their limits and inspired them to become better people, professionals, as a couple and parents. Committed to this Continuously Content Chaos, Alejandra Gonzalez,

Am I A Good Friend to My Husband?

Let me start by saying that I think this movie is great! It has so many honest and raw moments that take place in marriage and divorce that were executed tastefully and with transparency....

Mommy’s First Moments – A Closer Look (It’s Not What You’re Thinking!)

An honest look back in time. My daughter was born on November 13, 2015. This means that the holiday season brings about a new kind of nostalgia for me. Every Thanksgiving, I think back to...

Finding our Rhythm in this NEW WORLD

The quarantine schedule that has FINALLY worked for us! I have a confession to make. I was one of those people at the beginning of this pandemic that thought there was no way a microscopic...

Need to Keep Kids Busy?

Make them a busy bin! Spring Break is here, or very close to coming, but unfortunately, it seems like all of those play dates, excursions and beach days we had planned are postponed until further...

I am A mother who just watched, “I Am Mother”

Here is why I relate to the apocalypse heralding robot more than any other character.  Before I dive into why I find myself sympathizing with what is essentially the “bad guy” of the movie, I...

“Show Yourself” Makes Me Cry Every Time

For parents, this Frozen II Song has a lot of triggers. First, I should start off by saying that I am pretty prone to tears. I not only cry during adult movies, television shows, and...

No Sick Days for Mommy

You have probably seen the DayQuil commercial where an obviously sick woman opens the door to a room and tells the person in charge that she is going to have to take a sick...

So Many Choices, So Little Confidence

If you struggle to make decisions, parenting can be that much harder... If pregnancy caught you by surprise (whether it is the first or third), as is the case in 49% of pregnancies in 2006,...

The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner if your Hosting, that has Nothing to do with Cooking

Level: Beginner   Total Time: Probably All Day         Yield: For all your favorite family members. Prep: Don’t invest too much time in this; your house will end up looking like a mess as soon as the first guest arrives.   Inactive:...

Entertainment on the Skinny: “Free Entrance” Ideas to Pass Time with Kiddos

As a parent, I value the structure, rigor, and discipline that school instills on my child. School is a wonderful place for students’ to be encouraged, guided and taught how to navigate the social...