Annie Makhanlall

Annie Makhanlall is The Co-owner & Founder of Spectacular Creations – South Florida, LLC., and Broward Mom Collective, LLC. She brings creativity and sparkle to everything that she does. Her designs include the most exquisite personalized gifts and her followers are always looking forward to using her savvy couponing skills! She manages her “Sparkle Empire” smoothly while staying super busy with her two sassy girls. She’s is the mom that walks down the hall with 2 bookbags on her shoulders; lunch bags in one hand and coffee in the other all the while managing to take pictures of her daughters… Yes, that is Annie! Amidst her busy schedule, she also continues to volunteer and give back to her community. A never-ending sharpie box readily accessible, she is constantly organizing in the hopes of finding the best alternative to simplify life. Annie’s ability to do all this while still making time for her favorite things is inspirational. She enjoys spending quality time with her family; creating arts and crafts; holding nostalgic family picnics at the park; baking and decorating delicious cookies and adding glitter to just about everything she does!

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