Claudia Mancilla

Claudia is a native Californian and a citizen of nowhere. She can usually be found hiding in the bathroom, strolling the aisles of a local thrift store, or watching TikTok videos in the parking lot of CVS and Walgreens looking for a great coupon deal. She's a former elementary school teacher with a passion for multicultural children's literature. She always has a snack in her purse and a Costco flat of cokes in her hall closet. She is the perfect addition to a community of moms that keeps it real, and straight forward; with her experience as a no sugar coating mama, she can guide and share her family motto is "Do whatever you want. Just be cool." Her kids seem to know what that means.

Why I Don’t Make New Year Resolutions

  Hi. My name is Claudia, and I'm someone who loves to start things.  Yes, start something.  Now you say: "Hi Claudia. Welcome."    I love the feeling of starting a new book, show, project, craft, life. However, I am...

FREE Printable Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt My family loves driving around in the weeks leading up to Christmas to look at lights. I pack the kids in the car in their pajamas, a blanket, and a warm...

Ways To Feel Cozy While Living With Florida Temperatures

  If you are not a native Floridian like me, you might be missing the feeling of seasons. I’ve lived here in Broward for two years, and I’ve noticed that I have some depressive episodes...

An Aspiring Minimalist Mom at Christmas

  Years ago, during the Marie Kondo craze, I decided that my household would benefit from having less. I didn't stick with Marie, but I did attempt my version of minimalism. I've always been a...

Let’s Talk Teacher Gifts

  It is the first year that my children (Pre-k and first grade) have a teacher that is not me. It means that this year is the first year that I have needed to think...