Constanza Villiers Furze

Constanza Villiers Furze
Connie was born in the beautiful land of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and works alongside her husband's design firm. Connie studied kindergarten and added to her education Pedagogical Science while founding a preschool in 1988. She moved to Hollywood, Florida 1996, with her husband; put her love and passion as a new mom towards her family, kids' schools, homes, and community. She started again from scratch when she first moved here and was a preschool teacher but decided to be a stay at home mom when her first daughter was born and was a caregiver to children for working mothers. She loved being home with her girls, enjoying quality time while creating a space to learn and grow together and have mommy all to themselves. When her second girl was born she created a mommy and me in Hollywood. She also played a huge role in schools, where she volunteered, mentored and served as a chair for different committees and as VP for the PTA. Connie is a community leader; some of her accomplishments were towards envisioning and creating a fundraiser to help reach 47K to get to the million dollars necessary for the more humanized version for treatment of Neuroblastoma, cancer that kills children every day. Connie is also an artist and deeply loved expressing her gifts through a distinctive art; hand-dye textiles called Shibori's, an ancient Japanese technique. With this newfound passion, she started a small business and later learned from a master in a Textile School, a 150-year-old farmhouse situated in a serene tea-growing mountain village. You can count on her to be sincere and willing to help give back to our community's needs and to those around her a true gem as a friend.

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