Giovana Pina is a tenacious, young mother to a radiant 4-year old boy. She is passionate about photography and understands the value of having a good education. She's always worked full-time to support her son while cultivating her very own photography business. With a talented eye for capturing the perfect shot, she launched Imperial Snaps to satisfy her deep love for photography.  She is a natural in every sense and enjoys meeting new clients. On her free time, you'll find her and her son out seeking a new adventure. Her motto is to make memories and take chances in order to really experience all that life has to offer.


Becoming a mom is an incredible experience. You spend 9 months making a little human, patiently waiting for their arrival, carefully planning how it will all happen. We all know it probably won’t go...

What’s POPPING: The 4th of July Celebrations in Broward County

4th of July Celebrations in Broward County It's right around the corner, the highlight of the summer, 4th of July! Everyone loves fireworks and here are the go-to spots for the best displays. Coral Springs will...

Staying Safe: Do you know where your Safe Zone is?

As a mom, we all need help sometimes, whether it's a reassurance, advice, or help with materialistic things. Social media is a great avenue for all three of these things. I'm guilty of being...

Memories are Forever: Imperial Snaps & Basic Invite for Photo Graduation Invitations

This post is brought to you by our co-sponsors Basic Invite and Imperial Snaps It's that time of year again, where we all come together to celebrate one of life's greatest accomplishments, GRADUATION! It took years,...

Belove Creamery – Dishing Love on a New Level

  Ice cream is a delicious treat made for everyone to enjoy! At Belove Creamery, they take ice cream making to a whole other level, making every creation with love in mind. Every delicacy is made...

Park & Ocean, The Hidden Gem!

Sometimes we all need to get out, get some fresh air, and grab some great eats. Our sponsor, Park and Ocean is Ft. Lauderdale's most amazing hidden gem, and it just happens to offer...