Heather Yurovsky

Born and raised in South Florida, Heather’s a Broward County native with a toddler daughter who acts like she’s in the prime of her teenage years. Heather juggles the laughter and negotiations that come with a four-year-old with her virtual career coaching business Shatter & Shine. As an attorney and former COO, her 15+ years of marketing, operations, legal, and start-up experience allows her to serve as a trusted career confidante to clients spanning industries and roles ranging from recent graduates to mid-career shifters. Her approach combines candor, collaboration, and confidence-building. She loves connecting with moms over the less-frequently spoken about challenges that come with motherhood. It’s in those honest moments that she feels makes us all feel better about doing our best.
Baby Safety Month - Baby in Box with Packing Peanuts

Safety First | Baby Safety Month

Besides being known as the official start of Fall, September is also the month that touts the title of Baby Safety Month. Even though when you have a growing infant or two (congrats on...

Getting Our Guac On!

Greenest Guacamole Recipe | Look I’m A Cook My daughter unfortunately got a little spoiled with random Amazon packages showing up at our door with her name on it over the last few months from...
Mother and daughter playing

New Title and Promotion: Unintentional SAHM

As a Career Coach, I often find myself on the phone with clients discussing promotions that come with a title change and more responsibility but no increase in pay or benefits. While it always...

The Best Mommy Instagram Accounts To Keep You Sane

We all have those moments: Must. Zone. Out. It's been a long day and your getting-less-adorable-by-the-word kid hasn't stopped talking, the dog's been barking, the microwave is beeping (who has time for a stove?!),...
Disney+ Changed My Life

How Disney+ Changed My Life

Hi, I'm Heather and Disney+ changed my life. First, Peppa Pig no longer rules the roost. The timing was right too as we were all beginning to develop British accents which, while entertaining, to...

Three Things I Wish I Knew Before My Daughter’s Adenotonsillectomy 

Remember when you had your first child and you used to check if the baby was still breathing at night? Other than putting your finger under your baby’s nose to feel for breath, it’s...