Helen Vella

Helen Vella
Helen Vella is a writer, speaker, and motivational specialist and makes a difference in others lives by teaching from her personal experiences and also teaching some great empowering strategies. She is full of wisdom and can brighten any room when she walks into it! She is a mother of one and has two grandchildren. She is a true believer in the saying by Napoleon Hill “Whatever your mind can think and conceive you can achieve”. Helen Vella enjoys spending time on the beach and reading in her free time. She is dedicated to her work, and she specializes in teaching people how to get the best out of their networking, and enjoys helping others and with three decades of experience she is helping and sharing her voice to empower the women in our community.

It’s Never Too Late To Have A Blast

Eldercare planning is something to take very seriously, whether you are the elder or the caring relative of an elder. The definition of an elder is stated below.  1. An older person 2. A person having...

Children Thrive On Boundaries

  When it comes to boundaries, most of us are not good at setting them and keeping to them. I would say we are probably good at setting them but not keeping to them. We...