Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Johnstone Lopez is a mother of three kids, Cameron and Caroline, and her newest addition this year Carly. She is also the wife to serial entrepreneur, Ricky, and together they own a few local businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area. During the day - Jennifer is an international award-winning digital marketer, and co-founder and managing partner of Jalapeño Digital, a successful digital ad agency serving clients across the globe. Additionally, Jennifer is author of a newly-released, 5-star book on pregnancy, called Why I Cried: Tales from Hysterical Pregnant Women. The book proceeds help support Postpartum Support International - an organization Jennifer is passionate about, as its volunteers work with women to help them overcome perinatal mental health disorders. By night, Jennifer is working on her superhero mom qualifications - and likes to cook, entertain and tell stories and get her kids to bed on time so she can Netflix and chill. She loves getting her kids involved in everyday tasks, and can often be found teaching her one and three year old how to cook, load a dishwasher like a pro and do laundry, among other things. She loves adventures, coffee and wine

Tips For Moving With Kids

  Currently, I am in the middle of a local move – going from Lauderdale Isles to Plantation, just a few minutes up the road. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, with 3 kids, ages 3,...

Easiest Wonton Soup Ever

I’ll be honest, my son Cameron is a … decisive eater, at least for now. I followed all the tips and tricks to get him to onto new foods too – he did baby-led...