Karissa Merrill

Karissa Merrill is a mother, wife, and serial entrepreneur. Alongside her husband, she runs "Pursuing Your Purpose LLC' focused upon aiding companies to fulfillment in professional and personal life. Her true passion lies within her job as "Momma." She started her own company, "Mommy Moments," inspired by her son and the 2020 postpartum journey. Mommy Moments focuses on bridging the gaps and navigating the boundaries of support for postpartum moms.
mama I see you

Mama I See You

To the mama with the screaming kid in the restaurant. I see you. I'm sick of the mom shamers too. They don't know you. They don't know your child. They don't know that maybe your child has...

Eating Out With An Active Toddler

Eating out with an active toddler can seem more stressful than it's worth. Here are some tips and tricks to help the experience go smoothly! Choose a family-friendly restaurant. Starting with a family-friendly restaurant can...