Michelle Hoag

Michelle was raised in South Florida and recently returned “home” after being away for over 10 years. She is a Christian single mom of an amazing 8 year old. Starting out her career as a social worker, Michelle decided that it would be best for her family to make a change and she Dave Ramsey’d her way through grad school earning her Master of Education in School Counseling. You can typically find Michelle taking her son outdoors, eating her way around town, playing board games, swiping left on the dating apps, unintentionally killing the garden she’s trying to grow, teaching her son good music (Bon Jovi > 2021 top hits), and drinking way too much coffee.

Starting New Seasons With Grace

It was four weeks after the move, and boxes were still not unpacked. I wondered how much it would cost to hire a professional organizer? Why can't I be more like Joanna Gaines? Can...