Yvonne Toledo

Yvonne Toledo has grown up and lived in the Broward County area for over thirty years. She finds her daily inspiration from her three amazing boys, husband, and family. She's also a working professional and is a customer success program management and marketing communications leader with more than twenty years in the high-tech industry. Through her personal growth and struggles, she's also found a passionate calling to use and teach strategies like mindfulness and meditation for stress, anxiety, and mental health wellness in her personal and professional life. Yvonne's passion has led her to teach these gifts to others as a Mindfulness and Meditation facilitator and birthing families as a HypnoBirthing instructor. She also loves to dance, walk and exercise, practice yoga, meditation, and be in nature. On the weekends, you would find her looking for new parks and nature trails to take long walks with her family and enjoy the beautiful South Florida outdoors.
Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

Every day, I teach my kids patience from learning how to share, taking their turn on the swing, or just waiting to get served a snack or a drink.   It was just a few days...