The “Best Of The Best” in Broward Local Mompreneur Featured


Local Mompreneur Broward Mom Collective “My name is Meivys and I am a local-mompreneur! I am excited to be featured on Broward Mom Collective’s Network!”

…… and here is a quick glimpse into my life!

Local Mompreneur Feature Broward Mom Collective “My husband and I are photographers. We have three photography divisions – lifestyle, weddings, and branding. We also recently opened an Etsy shop called The Spot Shop Luxury Gifting. We wake up as a family in the morning and go through our routine. First, my husband feeds the baby while I pump breast milk, then we get ready, and all three go for a walk in our neighborhood. I continue to walk while he goes to the gym for the next thirty mins. Then we come home, shower, and get ready to start our day, clean up the house, and have breakfast. I play with the baby in the mornings, and we have grandmas come to take over in the afternoons. Then after a workday, I bathe the baby and get her night routine going until she falls asleep around 7 pm. Then, my husband and I work on our business and get ready for bed when her last feeding comes around, which is 11 pm. That is our day in a nutshell. We are truly a power couple and love to inspire other families through our story!”

Local Mompreneur Broward Mom Collective

“Our businesses are all about bringing people positively, joyful experiences they deserve! We enjoy photographing families and couples because we know how vital their living moments are, but we know even more how much they will mean to them in years, in generations. We love to guide fellow entrepreneurs, strategize with them, ultimately witness their growth and cheer them on for our branding photography. It has been a blessing to be involved in so many clients’ lives and be so close to the things they love most – their families and businesses. Our new Etsy shop is more of a dream I had way back in 2018 to open a gifting company, and I was never able to do it. However, my husband supported and helped me build it up from zero during maternity leave. We did wonderfully over the Holidays and planned to launch our new collection in early February.”

Connect with me! 

MSP Wedding Photography @msp_weddings

MSP Lifestyle Photography @msp_lifestyle_

MSP Branding Photography @msp_branding


Thank you to the Broward Mom Collective Team. I hope to meet more moms right here in Broward to connect and support each as we learn and grow together while building our community; we are #therealmomsofbroward  

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Annie Makhanlall is The Co-owner & Founder of Spectacular Creations – South Florida, LLC., and Broward Mom Collective, LLC. She brings creativity and sparkle to everything that she does. Her designs include the most exquisite personalized gifts and her followers are always looking forward to using her savvy couponing skills! She manages her “Sparkle Empire” smoothly while staying super busy with her two sassy girls. She’s is the mom that walks down the hall with 2 bookbags on her shoulders; lunch bags in one hand and coffee in the other all the while managing to take pictures of her daughters… Yes, that is Annie! Amidst her busy schedule, she also continues to volunteer and give back to her community. A never-ending sharpie box readily accessible, she is constantly organizing in the hopes of finding the best alternative to simplify life. Annie’s ability to do all this while still making time for her favorite things is inspirational. She enjoys spending quality time with her family; creating arts and crafts; holding nostalgic family picnics at the park; baking and decorating delicious cookies and adding glitter to just about everything she does!


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