Our Front Line Heroes: Meet Jessica Exantus


Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog is honored to pay tribute to our frontline heroes in the midst of this global pandemic.

We do not need reminding that May 6-12th is Nurses Week. This year, Jessica our first featured nurse said it best, “2020 is the year of the Nurse“! We couldn’t have said it better Jessica, you’re absolutely right!  


It is our hope that with this tribute series and the offer of support to #OurFrontLineHeroes, they will feel seen, honored, valued, and so cherished! Frontline workers include (but are certainly not limited to) first responders, healthcare workers, law enforcement, scientist, lab workers, and so many others.

We value and appreciate the sacrifices you make every day, reporting to work.

To all frontline workers: We salute you, support you, and we are grateful for you!

This week we are thrilled to honor Jessica!

Meet Jessica Exantus, a Nurse, and a Mom on the Frontlines at Westside Regional Medical 

Jessica, tell us about your work and what you do in your role at Westside Regional Medical.

I have been a nurse at Westside’s emergency department (ED) for 6 years. The nature of my work includes being on the frontline and preparing for the unpredictable. Taking care of critical patients has allowed me to adapt to acute situations and to think quick on my feet.

How has being a mother influenced your work?

My ability to provide compassionate care and to display patience can be credited to also being a mother. Getting pregnant, going through labor, and now raising a 15-month-old son has taught me that I am strong and that I can sustain the energy needed for the ER.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

Even with my confidence, COVID-19 has taken me through an emotional rollercoaster. Some days I feel proud to be a nurse and other days I feel anxious about the whole situation.

What it is like serving every day on the frontlines?

Although a stressful situation, I’m encouraged that our healthcare system and teams on the frontline are doing the very best to provide effective care. My team of nurses and doctors are the epitome of “all hands on deck” and are great team players. They are the reason that I choose to work at my job every day. I feel blessed to be part of such a rewarding profession and feel even more honored by the outpouring of love from the community.

What acts of kindness and encouragement have you seen during this time?

Every day the community shows us how much they appreciate the sacrifices we take on a daily basis with different acts of kindness. I believe this pandemic has shaken us a little, but our strength as a community will get us through this.

How has the global pandemic influenced your family personally?

Jessica and her adorable son

I have fears of bringing something home to my family. I have had to be more cautious like undressing in my car and leaving my shoes in the trunk in order to avoid exposing my family to germs. It breaks my heart not being able to hug my son after work or having to sleep in a different room from my husband. 

What motivates you to wake up every day and continue to fight?

I have been reminded to never take a single day for granted and to love on my family every chance I get. My faith has kept me grounded during these difficult times and has motivated me tremendously to do the job I was called to do.

What message or encouragement do you have for other Moms during this time?

My encouragement to other moms on the frontline who may be scared and anxious is to remember why we chose this profession. Times like these are the essence of what we signed up for and we have the opportunity to change lives. It’s a matter of taking it one day at a time no matter how hard the days get.

We CAN do this and we WILL do this. This is the year of the nurse!

As we launched #OurFrontLineHeroes Tribute Series, our hearts filled with so much appreciation, accompanied by a deep yearning to do more. We know that the effects of this global pandemic may not be felt right away by our frontline heroes (because you are “going through it” and so focused on others and not yourself), but it will creep-up and when it hits home we want you to know we’re here for you! Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog is proud to partner with Wellspring Living, Joy Acaso (A Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Anxiety Support Coach) to bring all our frontline heroes a place especially for them. This is an open invitation to join a support group created just for you. It is our goal through this partnership to serve you when you need us, just like you’ve served your community…let us support you! Feel free to join anytime. Even heroes can’t do their job alone and that’s ok. We got you!

Thank you for your hard work!

We admire you, support you, and are thankful for YOU!

Collectively, we will get through this!

Recognize and honor the Moms and Frontline workers in your life by using #OurFrontlineHeroes to nominate someone or send us an email: info{at}fortlauderdalemomsblog.com

Looking for helpful resources to support your family during this time? Check out Navigating The Normal: Your Resource Guide to Managing Today, it is packed full of information and updated weekly!

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