Water & My Mini-Me: How Bubbles Became our Main Squeeze


Nothing puts water safety on the map like living on a peninsula, welcome to Florida! We do not have our own pool so some people may think “why do you need to think about swim lessons right now?” It’s simple…babies, confidence and being comfortable with water in any situation is my priority. We have friends with pools and we wanted our child to be comfortable in any setting where water may be present and where we may or may not be. My husband and I love the water, I grew up on the water and we have plans to spend many days as a family on the water in the future. Like I said, we live on a peninsula where “endless summer” is the motto. Because of this, it was a no-brainer when we had our baby to think about swim lessons. Did I have swim lessons growing up? Not at all, but I sure wish I did especially experiencing my own near-miss drowning at the tender age of seven. I’ll never forget the current of the water, the briskness that day and the fright of not knowing how to swim. It was in that moment that I learned respect for the water…the hard way!

This is a classic case like most moms across the country of wanting more for our children than we had. I think every generation has this trait. Knowing that studies show the best way to keep kids safe around water is to enroll them in swim lessons early was only half of the battle. Finding the right spot that meshed with my “philosophy” on swim lesson education was the other side of the equation. With today’s improvements in learning and technology I was off to find not just “swim lessons”, but that right spot to begin water emersion with my mini-me. After a lot of research, opinions, facts and mom chatter we landed at Goldfish Swim School in Pembroke Pines and I’m so happy we did!  

So why did I choose Goldfish Swim School? First, once you see their facility you will understand why. They offer an all-indoor climate-controlled “shiver” free pool in a gorgeous new facility. Putting an infant in the pool for me was all about comfort in a state-of-the-art facility and MOST important…their philosophy of babies learning through the Science of SwimPlay® which really resonated with me! We all know that kids learn best through play! Introduction to water is so critical and mom you only have one shot of getting this right, so you really want to make sure that your baby feels comfortable and you feel comfortable every step of the way. The staff at Goldfish Swim School was so accommodating at every turn which made our summer of lessons fun, educational and worthy.

So what really makes Goldfish Swim School different besides the shiver free pool and beautiful facility? Well, it offers swim classes for children starting as early as four months of age. Kids ages four to thirty-five-months-old enjoy a weekly 30 minute class in the water with mom or dad working on basic water and swim safety skills with the help of an instructor. The classes are fun and interactive for babies and their caregivers while also creating a strong foundation for water safety. Mini Class activities include singing group songs, practicing tummy time and getting little ones comfortable in the water. Babies practice their grasp reflex, move on to holding onto the wall and eventually inching their way down it. With the help of mom or dad, babies work on their pulling paddle, “Superman” glides, sea otter floats and kicks. As babies progress through the Mini Program, they will work on crab walking, getting out of the pool safely by climbing up using the “fin, belly, flipper, flipper” technique and breath control. It is not your typical throw the baby in the water and see how they do. They engage your baby through play which creates long-lasting memories. One of my favorite activities in the Mini class was seeing my daughters face light up as she turned around in the pool trying to find “Bubbles”. “Bubbles” is Goldfish Swim School’s mascot. He’s a BIG orange goldfish that captured my daughter’s heart this summer. All I have to say is “do you want to go see Bubbles?” and her face would light up with a big grin with all eight of her front teeth on full display. Teaching a baby that the closest wall or exit may be behind them in case they fall in is brilliant! Having “Bubbles” sitting on the back wall gives a baby prospective on proximity in the water besides something fun to swim towards. “Bubbles” was such an important part of her class that I purchased a big “Bubbles” just like they use in class so she could have him at home to play with as well. “Bubbles” is now an important part of bathtime, fun time and it all gets re-inforced during swim class. “Bubbles” is officially my daughters FIRST crush and remains her main squeeze. Ahh…nothing like summer love!


Mom if I can leave you with just a little advice? Follow these very important safety tips and give Goldfish Swim School a try. I’ll even make it easy for you. Mention this article and you can try a Mini Class with your baby FOR FREE! If you are not comfortable joining your baby in a mini-class, please don’t let that stop you. These classes are designed for Dad and baby, Caregiver and baby or even older sibling or Nana and baby. 

3 Water Safety Tips

1)  Enroll in Swim Lessons by age ONE!

2)  Check home and areas you are visiting for water (lake, river, pool). Ensure there are multiple barriers to keep your child away from the water

3)  Designate a Water Guardian during swimming times- no socializing, phone or other distractions for this person! 

We know that the earlier your child gets into lessons, the better! The American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised their recommendations regarding swim and water safety to encourage parents to get children enrolled in a high-quality learn-to-swim program by age one.

Did you know that lessons go all the way up through 12 years-old? So Mom what are you waiting for? 

Give Goldfish Swim School in Pembroke Pines a call to get started today at (954) 994-2296. Lessons are offered for children ages 4 months until 12 years of age. Tell the Goldfish Team that Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog sent you and they will be sure to take good care of you and your little ones first splash into swim lessons.

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