Bean Juice Is The Best


I remember it like if it was yesterday, it was my junior year in college, and my roommate Marth was the best gal ever. She was the top Chemistry student in her freshman class. I had to study and often. She did too, but it just seemed effortless for her. One morning she asked if I wanted an introduction to a friend of hers? 

I said “I guess” she said, let me introduce you to “Mr.Coffee”

Mr. Coffee was my best new pal. I’d never had coffee and needed the boost it promised. Wham! I was hooked. Even as a cup of instant coffee seems quite horrible now, I’d take that over zero coffee any day.

We’ve come such a long way in how we enjoy a cup-a-joe. A quarter could get you the delectable delight back in the day. Fast forward, and it’s a car payment of a perfectly brewed Grande. Oh yes, I’m exaggerating. But really? My 27-year-old son laughs as he affectionately asks if I’m drinking my “bean juice.” Yes, I tell him to squeeze the beans! And if you look at it technically, it is drippings from beans. I love it! 

In 1999 my husband and I took a crew of teenagers on a school bus from central Missouri to Mexico on a mission trip. One of our translators mentioned all the coffee we’d had there was decaffeinated. UH! We grabbed some coffee crystals we’d brought, threw them in a water bottle, and shook it up! That coffee sounds quite ugly, but we were quite elated! I was so tired during my stay in Mexico, but I was wiped out each day despite the high altitude and coffee each morning.

With coffee being the second most traded commodity globally, second only to petroleum, it makes sense why we’re hooked.

A belief in the legend of an Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi, who noticed how jumpy his goats felt after eating the red fruit of the coffee shrub. Soon Kaldi had his first jolt of caffeine. His fellow monks trying the fruit were sure to be up for hours.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 helped make the Americans feel patriotic to make the switch to coffee. We all have our favorites, from just black to a complex collaboration of adjectives to make your coffee order. And our favorite place to relax and enjoy “Joe.”

I’ve heard it said that Meth never took off in Florida because of Cuban coffee! Indeed, those worldwide haven’t been blessed until you have that small white cup, a shot of heaven!

Coffee drinks, coffee foods, and coffee candies celebrate national coffee day Sept. 29th. Now, if you’re a diehard coffee drinker, every day is national coffee day. Check out our Coffee Shop Guide. Thank you, Martha, for the introduction to Mr. Coffee.

My life is much livelier!


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