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ice cream broward county coconut creek
Photo Credit: Giovana Pina, Imperial Snaps

Ice cream is a delicious treat made for everyone to enjoy! At Belove Creamery, they take ice cream making to a whole other level, making every creation with love in mind. Every delicacy is made intricately with ice cream cones that are topped with heart-shaped cookies and ice cream on waffles that have chocolatey sayings like LOVE inscribed on top. Their eye for detail and service is top notch with every treat being served right to your table. 

There are five flavors to choose from Nutella crunch, cookies and cream, vanilla, red berries, and salted caramel. Ice cream comes served in your choice of a cone, a cup, on a brownie, on a waffle, or maybe make it milkshake instead? Their treats are gluten-free, as well as very creamy, but contain fewer calories than regular ice cream because of it being made using liquid nitrogen. Did I mention that they also offer an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant? Yum, yum, yum! There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

ice cream broward county coconut creek
Photo Credit: Giovana Pina, Imperial Snaps

It doesn’t just stop at enjoying a quick snack, however. Have an upcoming event? They have you covered. Every event is a personalized experience where you can bring all your friends and have the most amazing ice cream party! Maybe your event is at home, they have you covered there too! Ice cream pies and ice cream with cones are available for purchase to take home.


Impressively, all of this greatness started with a final project assigned to owner Luisa Castillo. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in her native Colombia and came to the United States to attend Barry University and earn her Master’s Degree. At Barry, the final project was to create a business. She always grew up being around ice cream and knowing the ins and outs of the business. She actually had an ice cream business there but closed it down to come to the United States and earn her degree in entrepreneurial management. So it was a no brainer that it would have to do with ice cream. She asked her family to come from Colombia and help her bring her project to life. They did and made Coconut creek the home for Belove Creamery.

Belove creamery has only been open a couple months but is quickly stealing the heart of the community. I highly recommend a visit for a tasty treat! And don’t forget to grab a gift card while you’re there. “Love is the only thing that increases, every time it’s shared.” This is something you’re friends definitely don’t want to miss!

Photo Credit: Giovana Pina, Imperial Snaps

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