Get Financially FIT in 2020: Money Saving Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love to save money? It isn’t always easy but there are actually so many ways, aside from online or in-store sales and couponing, that can help you cut back on your expenses throughout the year. It’s a matter of taking control and getting organized. 
Start off by creating a list of each and every bill as well as extra expense you can think of. Then highlight the ones you can substitute with an inexpensive alternative. Take canceling your TV cable service; for example, and replacing it with the following: a TV antenna for local channels, an Amazon Firestick, Netflix, Hulu, and/or YouTube. You’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars a year and still have access to the same channels, shows, and movies offered by a cable company plus many more! 
Then proceed to split your expenses into categories. 
Create a weekly menu. Planning your meals in advance cuts down your grocery list to just those items you’ll need for the upcoming week. Shopping on a full stomach also helps to prevent over-spending. 
Shop with your list in hand whether on your phone or paper. This can apply to much more than just groceries. For items like clothing, shoes, and household items create a running list so the next time your in store you stay focused and shop smart.
Compare prices online by using Honey, it’s a website that automatically searches for and applies coupons at checkout.
Consider getting rid of your home phone. Do you really need it in 2019? 
Grow a supplemental garden. Plant your own herbs and produce. You don’t need too much space to get started and for many herbs/produce you don’t even need an outdoor area. Some things can be grown indoors as long as it gets water and sunlight. 
Try thrifting. This is actually I just started doing about a year ago. I’ve found so many items in great condition (some of which were brand new with the original tags and all) for a portion of the price. 
You don’t have to cut off the things you enjoy 100% but if you cut down a portion of it you’ll be surprised with how much you save.
• Make coffee at home more often.
• Pack your lunch for work.
• Take a water bottle and snacks with you to prevent frequent fast-food stops. 
DIY it. I actually find that making my own face scrubs and masks work so much better than store-bought products. The secret must be in the natural ingredients! 
Choose quality over quantity. I’ve found that investing in good quality make-up essentials versus lower quality products helps me save money because I may purchase mascara for example; once or twice a year rather than every one to two months because it’s dried up or run out.
Opt for at home or outdoor workouts to avoid a gym membership. You can even still participate in occasional classes or boot camps for the perfect gym/at home balance to get your money worth.
Keep in mind that smart money-saving moves can be made on a daily basis. Take control of your finances and be the boss of your day to day life.  I hope this inspires and motivates you to get organized and cut back on your expenses so you can do more of what you and your family love to do! 
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Natyia Jimenez was born in La Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico and grew up in Orlando, Florida. She’s lived in several cities through South Florida but has spent the last seven years in Broward County. Natyia is a happy wife and proud mother of two. During the day she works from home with her toddler and by night, once the kids are asleep, she creates content for her bilingual blog and YouTube channel. DIMELO MAMI is her passion project and her dream team is made up of her mom and daughter. She enjoys sharing her thoughts and experiences with others. Natyia’s favorite part about blogging and creating videos is capturing memories to look back on and pass onto her children.


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