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It’s that time when it’s back to school! If you haven’t selected your child’s school or even looking to switch schools. I wanted to share this excellent resource to help when choosing your child’s school. It is a great guide to get you started on your journey of looking for new schools this year. 

  1. Observe Your Child: Ask yourself (parents, caregivers) questions, and think about what kind of learner they are? Do you prefer a smaller classroom size or a larger one? What is your child’s personality type? These questions might arise during learning about your child and new schools. 
  2. Scholarship and Funding: Explore options and research what schools in your area accept the Step Up Program, also Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, or the Family Empowerment Scholarship
  3. Visit Several Open Houses:
        1. Find out the dates for an open house, and add them to your calendar.
        2. Search by a specific zip code and pick the top three schools to visit.
        3. Make a list of questions to ask the teachers.It would be wonderful if all family members could attend. It makes it a family event, and you will be able to get a glimpse into the culture of that particular school and also see how your child interacts with others in a new environment. 

I researched and worked alongside school directors, parents, teachers, and community members and curated a list of questions to consider when choosing your child’s school. Many parents expressed concerns about the spacing between the children because of COVID-19, but it is hard to keep the kids away from each other when they are playing and having fun. 

Becoming a new mom I had so many ups and downs, and I wish we had this information when searching for my daughter’s schools. Check out the “Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Child’s School”. You are welcome to take it to the schools you visit. The entire staff and everyone at that location are always very inviting and confident in providing information about the goals and aspirations of their students. Having your child attend a private school offers an experience for each child because they get one-to-one attention in a nurturing learning environment. Here is one Open House you can add to the calendar JLP Inspired Minds to the top three list of schools to visit this month on August 6, 2022

4. Research: A few key benefits for students attending JLP Inspiring Minds are listed below

  • Active Parent Communication
  • Unique Teaching Style- Learning techniques and tools ensure that each child’s reading, comprehension, and mathematics goals are achieved. 
  • Inspire and Empower Students
  • Child-centered curriculum tailored to each child’s needs
  • Extracurriculars and indoor sports, and cheer 

5. Ask Questions: Do not be afraid to ask questions, each school has different methods or handling situations, best practices and procedures. 

TOP 15 Questions To Ask Your Child’s School 
  1. Do students have their own unique space, like a cubby or shelf to place their books, bags, and personal items?
  2. Is the campus neat and clean, and organized?
  3. Are they using computers? The colors, the decor, what are currently on the classroom walls? Is student work displayed?
  4. Are children working in workbooks or textbooks? 
  5. Do the children have their laptops in class, provided by parents or the school?
  6. What does a typical school day look like? 
  7. What classes or programs does the school offer that help it stand out from other schools in the area? 
  8. What is the school’s educational philosophy? 
  9. What extracurricular activities are available to students? When does the school day start and end?
  10. What are the transportation options?
  11. What are the school’s breakfast and lunch options?
  12. What is the expectation for your teachers? What is the expectation for your parents? 
  13. How do you ensure the campus is safe and secure?
  14. How do you measure my child’s academic success? 
  15. Teaching a child goes beyond the classroom. What are some ways you teach the students about responsibility, manners, respect, and etiquette at your school?

JLP Inspiring Minds is a school in Tamarac, Florida that prepares and engage both Elementary K-3rd Grade and preschool-level kids socially, physically, and emotionally.

With the help of our compassionate, supportive staff, they help all pre-k children grow to their full potential. To get your list ofTop 15 Questions To Ask Your Child’s School” you can get your Free Printable or share the link with friends and family. To learn more or see if you qualify for financial aid, contact them today at 954-933-2982. 

Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Child’s School
This post was sponsored by JLP Inspiring Minds.
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