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It is the first year that my children (Pre-k and first grade) have a teacher that is not me. It means that this year is the first year that I have needed to think about teacher gifts. As a teacher, I’m here to tell you that teachers are grateful for any gift they receive. Truly. But here are some things I would have loved as a gift for myself or my classroom.

  1. Gift cards. No one became a teacher for the money and the fame. Gift cards in any amount are appreciated. I’m leaning towards gifting generic VISA gift cards so that teachers can spend where they’d like. Also, consider Target, Walmart, grocery stores, gas cards, food delivery services.
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards. It’s the perfect gift that benefits both the teacher and the class. I spent (and still do) a lot of money on Teachers Pay Teachers. This site is filled with so many resources created for teachers by teachers. You can print or email the gift card to give to your teacher. I promise this will be a hit!
  3. Supplies. If you’re ever worked in a school (mainly a public school), you know that supplies are limited. A huge pack of expo markers in a variety of colors is really exciting to a teacher. The variety pack of paper mate flair pens is like gold. colored post-its, colored printer paper, stickers! There are some creative ways to put these things together on sites like Pinterest. Remember supplies are used daily, and what we brought at the beginning of the year will need to be replenished by December/January. 
  4. A Hand-Written Card. A note from you and your child expressing how you feel about them as a teacher is one of the most treasured items. We love hearing from students and parents. While I’m not someone who ever kept these items (aspiring minimalist here), I love them and appreciate students’ effort in writing a few sentences and drawing a picture. As we know, this doesn’t cost any money, but I guarantee it will be greatly appreciated. Other honorable mentions include coffee, a nice planner, hand cream, or a nice-smelling candle. 

Teachers are working harder than ever during this time. Please take the time to show some appreciation for your child’s favorite teachers. And know that the value of your gift does not lie in its monetary value. And if you are a teacher reading this– THANK YOU! You are incredible and I sit in awe of you all daily. 

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Claudia Mancilla
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