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Every single one of us are homeschoolers. We begin by being their teacher from day 1. So, you’ve homeschooled if you’ve taught your kid anything. It begins with “baby tricks.” What does a cow say. “moooooo” What does a dog say? “Wooof!” What does a horse say, “Wilber!” Of course for those who don’t remember Wilber the talking horse TV show from back in the day, Google it. Schooling your children is not a choice, because we school them in more than bookwork. We’re able to teach them Godly character, which is beyond book learning.

The day that you say goodbye to that toddler, you say hello to a kindergartener. But before that gut-wrenching day, you’ve been a home school parent.

I like the flexibility it offers and the extra family time we have too.”- Ana -Miami, FL

As for this mom, I just couldn’t give my kids over to some stranger for 8 hours a day, then they’re captive for another 3 hours at home with busywork, “homework!” Isn’t 8 hours a day long enough for teaching? Or my thoughts, “indoctrination.” Schools have changed over the years.  Indoctrination happens straight forward and not in a sneaky aspect. We, as parents, teach/indoctrinate our children on values, character, and a world view. When I hear and see public schools teaching children about things that a 5-year-old has no business hearing about nor being “schooled” about, it’s an easy choice to keep my kids home.

I can hear you say, “Oh, you don’t have an open mind!” Well, you’re right. I don’t have an open mind on issues that are clear and straightforward truths that are being misrepresented, or history that is clearly changed to fit today’s PC world view. Here’s the really good news. We all have a choice. We have a choice because they are our kids. I was blessed with 4 children. My husband and I make choices for our children, just as you make choices for yours. Those children grow up to be our future leaders, who (like it or not) will be the ones in political power. Right now, someone is birthing the next President of the United States of America. Raising children isn’t just keeping them alive, so they can move out at 18. Parents have the responsibility to give them knowledge beyond books.

“We have homeschooled our 5 children since 2001, three of whom have graduated.  Two have graduated from college now, one from a state university and one from a private Christian college. One attends one of the national military academies. We have two at home still, one in high school and one in elementary.

 We decided to homeschool because we wanted to be able to live out and teach Christian faith to our children naturally as we went about our daily lives. We also thought a family-centered lifestyle was more conducive to learning.  We have researched our options every year and have chosen to homeschool with few exceptions.” Chey- Homeschool mom, Weston, Florida.

Homeschooling has its costs. Not only financially, but through the possible ridicule from friends and family. My in-laws, who were full-time teachers in public schools for over 30 years were so very upset and quite embarrassed we were keeping our children home. And then, the best compliments came as they experienced polite well-educated toddlers. Yes, even toddlers bring manners and smarts to the table of life.

Children can join sports teams in local schools. It’s legal. It comes down to how hard do you want to work at schooling. Teaching your children is a full-time job. Honestly, it’s been rough for me, because I love to play more than I love to work. However, learning styles vary and with being the mom/teacher our togetherness allowed me to gear a specific style to each child.  But most importantly was the legal right to teach faith-based curriculum. We can read our bible and even do a unit study each year. Living in a country where we have the freedom to choose the academic path and pace for our children, is a freedom I don’t take lightly. I say once again, the choice is up to each family.

We plugged into local homeschool groups with our last two, but the first two we lived out on a farm in Missouri. It’s so far out the stop signs said “WHOA.” Okay, not really, but the support system was zero. NO internet. No cell phones. No kidding! But we persevered. If you’re able to find a local support group, it’s priceless. Research your local area!

“I homeschooled year after year for 25 years out of obedience to what God called our family to do.”-Marianne, Miami Lakes, FL

The question I’ve been asked the most has not focused on their education, it was always, “What about socialization?” As the parent that’s your responsibility as well. You connect the kids to groups through your church, soccer, ballet, or whatever your children’s interests are at the time. Other homeschoolers have playdates too.

You choose their curriculum. You choose their study time. You choose to be with them at home. Basically, we’ve been paying for our children’s schooling twice. Taxes then what we buy for them. If we could take that tax money and use it for our own homeschool, wow what a school we could have, but until then we made it work.


“It gives us more relaxed time together to discuss thoughts, shape character, and enjoy free learning and free play.”-Mindy, Miami Lakes, FL 

Life skills, and learning are never one or the other.

Some moms celebrate the end of homeschooling! I do. As much as I loved the process and product of a great kid, I’m glad it’s over after 30 years with 4 kids.  One of my friends told me she had 6 more years to go and was counting down. (She’s on kid #5.) Not every day of homeschool is one big happy party. Just like any job, it’s work. This work has infinite rewards.  The biggest regret most people have is that they didn’t spend as much time with their family as they wish they had.

As for this retired homeschool mom, I’m blessed. Be wise in your choice. Sell your car, quit your job, wait on that new furniture and new car if that’s what it takes to keep your kids home. Stuff is just stuff. Kids grow up and move away. We share our days with someone. I chose to share my past 30 years of life teaching at home. #noregrets


(A resource we’ve used here in Florida )

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