School Uniforms: Do students benefit from wearing uniforms?

I attended a private school in Orlando, Florida that required the students to wear a full uniform. In those days, it wasn’t like now that most if not all schools whether private, public or charter, required school uniforms. I remember wishing I could attend another school just to choose the clothes I wanted to wear. Since my school only ran through eighth grade I had to attend another one for high school. I convinced my parents to enroll me in public school. I was so excited to go shopping that summer before my freshman year of high school! By the time the first semester was over…I was over wearing casual clothes too. I actually missed wearing uniforms! I quickly stopped enjoying choosing my outfits for school, day after day week after week. Then when the weekend came around I didn’t know what to wear because unlike my prior school years I was dressing in my casual clothes all year round. After one full year in public school, my family and I moved to Miami, Florida just in time to start my sophomore year of high school. Without a doubt, I wanted to attend a private school. I wore uniforms for the remainder of my high school years and enjoyed it. Fast-forward to now, my daughter is required to wear a uniform at her school as well. As she gets older she often wishes she could wear casual clothes to school too. Whenever she expresses herself I can’t help but smile and almost giggle because history is repeating itself. 

What are the pros and cons of children wearing uniforms for school?

In my experience as a student who grew up wearing uniforms to now a parent of a child who also wears uniforms I’ve found the following:
  • School uniforms create uniformity which reduces peer pressure related to clothing. By requiring students to wear the exact same outfit, even if it’s available in a variety of styles (e.g: Bermuda shorts, skorts, pants, etc.) it removes the distraction of fashion styles. Rather than students creating or maintaining friendships based on fashion brands for popularity reasons it gives them the opportunity to just BE and get to know one another genuinely. 
  • School uniforms may help to break barriers between social classes. Even the wealthiest of schools have students who do not come from wealthy families. Since students are wearing the same outfits there is no obvious distinction to be made between them.  
  • Schools uniforms tend to cost less than children’s casual clothing. Sure, you still have to pay a price for a variety of uniform pieces but students will wear those pieces all throughout the school year leaving their casual clothes for special occasions and/or weekends.
  • School uniforms may save students time when getting ready in the mornings. Since they know what they have to wear there isn’t much thought or effort that has to go into getting ready for school each day. Reducing the time spent on choosing what to wear and actually getting ready can be spent sleeping more or enjoying breakfast at their own pace.
  • School uniforms may prevent distractions in the classroom. By wearing the same pieces of clothing students tend to be more focused as it automatically eliminates the need to find popularity in fashion choices. 


  • School uniforms do not give students the opportunity to express their individuality through their fashion choices. It encourages students to think and act as a group rather than as an individual. This often causes some students to push the school uniform dress code by going against the rules. 
  • School uniforms do not eliminate bullying just because the students are dressed the same. Unfortunately, uniforms don’t hold the power to remove student bullying from schools. 
  • School uniforms can be uncomfortable. Most of the uniforms are designed to have a professional appearance (necktie, coat jacket, dress pants, etc). Each child is physically built differently, especially as they grow and go through puberty.
  • School uniforms may create barriers between the teachers and the students. In many schools, there is a gap between the two parties as teachers often are allowed to dress casually while the students are not. There is also an on-going battle of the teachers constantly reminding their students to follow the school uniform dress code.
  • School uniforms discourage students from making choices and learning to determine how to dress properly.
These are just some of the many advantages and disadvantages to school uniforms. The list can go on and on for both the pros and cons of having to follow a school uniform dress code. In my personal opinion, I support school uniforms. However; I do feel as though schools and parents/students should meet in the middle. For example; if the school’s policy for uniform bottoms is black shorts or pants then the parents and students should be able to choose the black shorts or pants according to their budget and the child’s body type. Uniforms or not, there will always be some type of dress code to follow as children should dress appropriately and safely (e.g: no open toe shoes) on campus. Some students grow up to pursue professions that require uniforms. Nurses, firefighters, and pilots are some of the many professionals that are also required to wear uniforms when on the job. I’ll leave you with this that my mother also told me whenever I complained about wearing uniforms…clothing doesn’t make the person.  Whether you’re in a uniform or a casual wear outfit represent yourself and your family well by simply being a GOOD human being.
What are your thoughts on wearing school uniforms?


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