FREE Printable Holiday Scavenger Hunt


Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

My family loves driving around in the weeks leading up to Christmas to look at lights. I pack the kids in the car in their pajamas, a blanket, and a warm drink. We drive, listen to music, and take our time appreciating all of the beautiful decorations that neighbors put out. A few years ago I started using a scavenger hunt as a way to keep them engaged and to avoid hearing the dreaded “I’m bored”. I’ve included images for non-readers and text for older kids. Feel free to download or screen grab this page for your own kids. You can adapt it by running a tally to each item– how many blow up Santas will you see? Which item did you see the least of, etc. 

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Claudia Mancilla
Claudia is a native Californian and a citizen of nowhere. She can usually be found hiding in the bathroom, strolling the aisles of a local thrift store, or watching TikTok videos in the parking lot of CVS and Walgreens looking for a great coupon deal. She's a former elementary school teacher with a passion for multicultural children's literature. She always has a snack in her purse and a Costco flat of cokes in her hall closet. She is the perfect addition to a community of moms that keeps it real, and straight forward; with her experience as a no sugar coating mama, she can guide and share her family motto is "Do whatever you want. Just be cool." Her kids seem to know what that means.



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