Summer-Time Favorites


Summer is finally here! And while many things are still slowly reopening, summer fun is not cancelled! Here is a compilation of favorites from the Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog Team. We hope these will help you and your family make the best out of summer!

All products featured are independently selected by our team. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. 


High-Ponytail Hat – I’m that person who wears sunscreen on a daily basis! So, during the summer months I’m extra cautious about the amount of sun exposure I’m getting, especially when it comes to my face! However, the summer heat also means I wear my hair up most of the time. How am I supposed to cover my face from the sun and wear a ponytail at the same time! After countless frustrating summers, and more hairstyle experiments than I can count, I came across this product! I can look stylish, protect my face and keep my hair up! There is no losing or compromising with this hat!

High-Waisted Bathing Suit Bottoms – Bathing suits, as we all know, are expensive and often unflattering. When I finally find one that fits and looks the way I envisioned I practically throw a party! So, trying to find a bathing suit for every occasion, vacation, splash pad, pool party, beach playdate and so on, feels daunting and impossible. But now, with these ultra-flattering bottoms that come in many different patterns, I can turn that sexy vacation bikini into a more modest splash pad ready bathing suit. Cost effective, versatile and cute! 

Epic Wear Eyeliner – Waterproof, vibrant and inexpensive. What more does a girl need to rock her eyeliner? Sapphire is my choice for summer but it comes in more traditional colors too!


Waterfall Discovery Wall – It is hot out! So, water play is a must! My son loves this water wall. This is great because it takes less room than a standard water table but still has all the fun. If you don’t have a pool, this can help your kids keep cool in the backyard and if you do, put this by the pool for some extra fun!

Turtle Sprinkler Toy – More water fun! All you need for this is a hose! Great when you want to stay (mostly) dry and let your kids play in the water. The wacky tubes spin and spray water and create some fun, cool times!

Bubble Guns – If you don’t feel like getting wet, these bubble guns are a ton of fun to play with! For younger kids, shoot the bubbles and let them run around and enjoy, older kids will benefit from this 2 pack and can have bubble fights!


Summer means a lot of outdoor time and sun exposure. Keep the whole family’s skin healthy with these.

Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen – This is the only sunscreen I will use on my face! I hate the way other sunscreens leave my face feeling oily and result in breakouts. With this, I can keep my face protected without the greasy feeling or resulting skin problems. 

Aveeno Baby Sunscreen – Last year, this was the only sunscreen I used on my sun. The thick layer of sun protection is just what he needed to keep him from burning up in the hot Florida summer. Now that he is a much more mobile toddler, I use this as our base layer before we head out to the beach!

Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Spray – This sunscreen has been great. Once were at the beach and my sun is covered in sand and having fun, it is much harder to get the thicker baby sunscreen on (I did try using my own dry-touch sunscreen, and while it is great for adults, a toddler rubbing sunscreen in his eyes from the backs of his hands was VERY unhappy with this!) This has 2 great things going for it. 1. Tear-free! So, now when he rubs his eyes from being tired or uncomfortable he is not hurting his eyes. 2. Spray-On! It is much quicker to get him to pause and be sprayed than to wrestle another layer of lotion on him. 

DoTERRA SPA Hydrating Mist – Summer is all about keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy-as-ever, without synthetic fragrances. Spritz, moisturize, and shine your way to great summer skin with the dōTERRA SPA Hydrating Body Mist. It’s the glow from head to toe that smells as delicious as it feels. Best of all its 15% off during the month of June. And did we mention it has a unique 360 degree sprayer? Yup, spray at any angle for all-over skin nourishment.


Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer – As good as we are about sunscreen application, sometimes, I wait a little too long to reapply or just have dry skin from a lot of sun exposure (or, just missed a spot and have that 1 line of sunburn!) In any case, this soothes my skin and makes sure that a little redness never turns into dry/peeling skin. Also, unlike most aloe gels, this is a lotion so it will not leave you feeling sticky but soft and moisturized instead.


Wherever this summer takes you and your family, these items will definitely help!

Mini Handheld Stroller Fan – This would be my summer must have because with the baby and my 5 year old it keeps them cooler for longer periods and allows us to stay outside longer. Works great for trips to the zoo, a day in the park, long walks, or a trip to the beach. It’s awesome because not only can it be run by battery but you can also just usb charge it. It also has different fan speeds and can be put on just about anything with its flexible legs.


Stroller Cover – Bright summer mornings usually lead to rainy afternoons here in the sunshine state. However, the pattern isn’t always predictable and rain can catch you unprepared and complicate your outing. With this universal stroller cover, which fits nicely folded in any stroller basket, your little one will always remain dry and protected. I have even used it on our nature walks to give my little one an extra barrier of protection from mosquitoes. With it’s ease and versatility this is a must have summer item. 

2-in-1 Travel Go Potty – Summer days usually mean bright summer mornings and a lot of time outdoors. Going to parks, the beach and taking hikes are all some of my favorite summer activities. However, there are some serious disadvantages to the great outdoors when you have little ones in tow. I was constantly worried about finding a bathroom, little bladders don’t always give you enough warning, so I was continuously on the lookout. Now with this portable potty, which comes with a carrier bag and absorbent disposable bags, I know that we ALWAYS have a bathroom with us, so I can be a little less planned and a lot more relaxed.  


What are your summer must-haves? Share your thoughts below!