Glamping Mixed with a LITTLE Hurricane



Hurricane season in Sunny South Florida could give everyone anxiety. It’s completely unpredictable and after a while a routine. It becomes a lifestyle actually. The calm before the storm always seems to be the best time to gather items for the family or make a permanent bag for every season that’s ready to go in case of evacuation. I call it a “Bug Out” bag.

I’m sure we can google tons of hurricane preparation items, but what I’m going to tell you is my first-hand experience of being without electricity in Florida, in the Summer. Everyone is different, but I’ll be real, there’s no way I could go a week or two without proper pampering. 

Grab a decent size bag, as if you may be taking an over night stay. I know that seems like an absurd amount of room but for a family of four and a little sanity, you will thank me later. Most of the time the electric will go out while the rain beats down and the wind howls, so opening the windows for a breeze really isn’t an option. You’ll be happy you have these items on hand to keep you and your family comfortable.

Packing your bug out bag can also be a fun activity to do with kids. It’s important to talk them through the storm and explain all the extra activities they see around them. Doing so can help to put them at ease. Let them know it’s better to be prepared for anything and ready for fun which is a why bug out bag is a must! Just think when you ready for that fun “glamping” trip, you’ll be over halfway packed. Don’t forget to replenish and check supplies if you do use it for camping as well.

Most of the items you can find at the dollar store or pick them up from June to July as BOGOS along the way to season.

1. Baby wipes (a whole case)

2. Face wipes, they even have them for men

3. Deodorant sticks

4. Face Towels

5. Rose Water

6. Astringent

5. Baby Powder

7. Dry Shampoo

8. Disposal razors

9. Disposable toothbrush/picks

10. A travel set of toothbrushes &  toothpaste 

11. New bucket and body soap/ liquid 

12. Lotion 

13. Bug spray/repellent 

14. Candles / scented / non-scented 

15. Lip balm 

16. Face wash travel size 

17. Hair brushes 

18. Rubber bands/clips

19. Detangler

20. Tampons 

21. Panty liners 

22. Rubbing alcohol/hand sanitizer 

23. Cotton pads 

25. Nail files/clippers 

26.  Tweezers 

27. Survival tool/knife/screw driver 

28. First aid kit 

29. Feminine cleanser products 

30. Toilet Paper

If you keep these items in a bag all year round then you won’t have to struggle to remember these in case of an emergency. It will help eliminate one headache in the time of chaos or just keep you sane in the meanwhile. 

Throwing in some face powder, eyeliner, and mascara couldn’t hurt either 🤪

Hoping everyone stays safe and plans accordingly up and down the east coast! Sending love from the now sunny Fort Lauderdale Beach! 

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