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Ever walk by a mirror and realize it’s been days since you have made eye contact with yourself? The person in the mirror is almost unrecognizable to who you remember yourself being? Stopping and taking a second to look and see who you are becomes something you don’t have time for?!?! 

Me Either! J/K 

I am Nicole Bruno, Owner of All Dolled Up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a state certified celebrity makeup artist part of the pro teams for some of the biggest fashion shows in the world. Before I am a makeup artist I am a loving mom to two beautiful children and a wife to an amazing man. Even though I am a makeup artist, I find myself lacking that extra umphhh to get myself ready and All Dolled Up. 

The thought of trying to find time on most days to get myself looking like I’m not in my pajamas, even though I have put effort into finding an outfit that fits, makes me exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and in every aspect of life, I am not the human I was before I had children. 

The Reality Is… 

Sometimes I feel, in over my head. The dirty laundry is never empty. The clean laundry lingers to be folded and never seems to put itself away. My dog clearly doesn’t like 75% of the food my children throw on the floor making my floors never seem to be clean enough. The overbearing amount of gifts (garbage) my kids receive makes my walls close in on me. Normally the last thing on my mind is to take ten minutes out of my day for myself when there’s just sooooooooooo much else to do. 

My list and my excuses for why I can’t do my hair or put on some mascara could go on for days. When I don’t feel good about myself for days it’s like a tricking effect. I may not run around being mean, but my demeanor changes; my attitude changes, I seem depressed, quiet, out of character, and try sleeping as much as I can. More sleep means less time getting ready right? 

But that’s where this all goes wrong. That’s not how I should feel. I shouldn’t walk with my head down because I can’t take time to find myself. I grew humans that sucked everything out of me. Honestly! My hair fell out? My front pieces are growing in like devil horns.

My daughter thinks 5:30am is rise and shine. It’s been pitch black every day I have woke for thirteen months. She must be a part of the rooster 🐔, there’s really no other explanation. My son cries and yells for one of us between 3/4 am every night for the last five years.  I have aged five years in this last year easily, and it’s hard to accept. Forty is just around the corner and I want to age like fine wine.

What I have realized that if I take as little as 20 to 40 minutes to myself a day, I am a whole other being. Sometimes it’s straightening my hair, or other times it’s simply just stretching quietly to some music. However, it is detrimental to my well being.

I’ll Find You Time

Where do you find the time? Seems impossible right? 40 minutes a day? I wish? No really! I’m being honest that’s the max I can see myself finding, so anything close or less to me is great! In these blogs, I’m going to give you hacks, tips, plans, and time management skills just for personal care and a little love and uplifting that I believe we are all missing and could use. 

We can all admit we don’t wash our hair every day, or even every other day. Dry shampoos become your best friend, and high messy mom buns that possibly look like you may be sorta trying to maybe do your hair is your go to every day look. How would you like to get three days work of hair and makeup hack for different fun and friendly styles just by following this blog? I bet the others in your life won’t mind so much either….just saying 

What’s the Plan… to be Perfect

As much as this is for you this is for me too. I plan on giving you guys my simple hacks, Do’s and Dont’s, inexpensive and everyday simple changes to make to create a stronger and more confident mother/ woman. 

Once a week I will be uploading a Mommy Minute Makeup video for you to enjoy follow and learn how to get yourself “All Dolled Up”. They will range from hair and makeup hacks to styles and routines. Anything you would like a video to learn how to do by all means message the page! I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE, let me help 😉 

Secondly, there will be blogs like this explaining my life, goals, makeup, and madness. In these, I’ll discuss relativity, reality, and probably ramble on. My goal is to help each and everyone and let you know you are not alone. 

The best part about my life is my life and I would like to look like I’m enjoying it. I’d love to look at some pictures and compliment the little touch of makeup, or hair twist that I took time out to do, instead of focusing on what I don’t like about myself in the picture. I’m looking forward to helping each and every one of you feel better about yourself with simple little everyday makeup and hair hacks. 


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Nicole Bruno ... Mommy Minute Makeup 💄
I’m wife to one lucky guy, mother to two beautiful children, and the owner of All Dolled Up. After graduating high school I moved to Fort Lauderdale to go to college with dreams of being something…anything! After getting a degree that I never used, someone said to me “you always do such great makeup why don’t you go to school for it?” So, I did! I graduated from Cosmix School of Artistry in 2011 with hopes and dreams of leaving this city. As fate would have it, I met my husband shortly after I moved to New York with my best friend. St Patty’s day left me with a surprise, I was pregnant with my first. After having my son and trying to live through the struggle of snow jackets and car seats for one winter, I packed up my family moved my husband right to where I knew he couldn’t resist...Central Beach Fort Lauderdale. I put all of the efforts I put into bartending and entertaining into makeup and was relentless. I did free makeup until I knew what my worth was. Long hours, throwing my towel in, crying, fighting, but it’s all been worth it! I’ve been published in magazines all over the world. I’ve done fashion week, swim week, art basil, I’ve worked with stars and celebrities. I have surpassed anything I could have imagined. Shortly after my business took off, I got pregnant with my second child. She is now over a year old and managing a business, kids, a house, and everything else has just been a journey. I want to help moms! I hear you and I want you to know we are listening. Looking forward to getting to know each other.


  1. Love this!! I’m excited to see what your blog brings. I’m always looking for a little pick me up in between being a mom.

    • We love your excitement, Cyndi! Thank you for reaching out. We strive to bring REAL (you can totally do this), practical (Just a minute) tip(s) in hopes of elevating Mom Life for all! Support and empower…we’re here for you!

    • Thanks love looking forward to helping you with a few mommy hacks ❤️💋💄

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