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We’ve got to love Springtime! It is the season of fun colors, and we’re going to have a little fun pairing colors with patterns. I believe being a mother shouldn’t stop us from being GLAM-MOMS. Living in South Florida makes it easy since it’s the sunshine state and feels like summer. I decided to shop at the retail store Rainbow to gather some colors to mix and match for Spring and Nordstorm. Please keep in mind, ladies you can find any of these spring colors at any retail or online stores. Mommies, grab your notebooks and handbags. I will share a few color combinations that we can put together. Ready, set, & GLAM!

Let’s get started!


Glam Mom Look #1 We love some zebra prints. The fantastic thing about zebra prints is that you can mix any color shade you like. I decided to grab some hot pink leggings with a turquoise clutch mini handbag and shoes. You know I’m all about the lips, honey! I am wearing a fuchsia pink lipstick on my lips with this look. Hey, lips!




Glam Mom look # 2  Let’s have fun with this black and white patterned print blazer. I decided to wear an orange two-piece short set and lime green shoes, which gave my checker jacket an extra glam pop. Baby, I am popping! On my lips, I am wearing Bubblegum Pop pink lipstick. It’s always good to keep your makeup light or natural when wearing bold lipstick colors.



Glam Mom look # 3 Colors to me are Everything! I fell in love with these rainbow colorful pattern shoes I got a while back. I’m sure you can find rainbow pattern shoes on Amazon. I selected two colors from my shoe print to help them pop with my set. You can wear any black leather skirtfuchsia pink top with a turquoise clutch handbag. I kept my lips simple with nude lipstick so I wouldn’t take the attention away from my shoes.  


I believe we can make anything look good. It doesn’t matter the brand or the store you get; these color combinations make it fun. Mommies, we can make anything pop with a bit of confidence & fashion.

Here are the links to Rainbow’s Retail, Niajaye Cosmetics, & Nordstrom.

100% Vegan Lipstick-

Black Skirt-

Colors & Pattern Print Clothing-

Colorful Shoes- 

Share which one of these looks are your favorite? Don’t be afraid of color and get out of your comfort zone mama. It is a refreshing feeling once you do it!

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Jeania Pierre
Jeanie Pierre is the mother of her charming thirteen-year-old son. Jeanie, the Owner of Niajaye Cosmetics, has been committed to inspiring women worldwide to embrace their unique skin types while feeling more empowered with lip wear that expresses their unique personalities. Jeanie is a personal development junkie, and she is always all about women's empowerment. She is the person you call and has a cheerful voice that will give anyone a pick me up! One of her passions and drive is to help women across the world feel more empowered, supported, loved, and connected and gear them to the resources they need. She spends her days working and strategizing in her business, building community, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family enjoying good food, company, and good music in her free time. Jeanie's outlook is, "They say it takes a village to raise a child but who is helping the village of women". She believes we should be building our village/tribe of women with the proper support.


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