‘Tis the Season: To Be Glamorous!

Happy Holidays and welcome to just pure chaos. No matter how many months you prepare or how well you think you have your crap together, you find out you don’t! With an entire year to prep, how is it that we are to totally rushed every year to cram everything that you have ever imagined into a few week spans. 

In between shopping and visits to Santa, holiday party’s and drunk foolish people roaming the streets dressed as elves, we need to find time to not look the same everywhere we go, and for every occasion. Meeting with the family and friends can sometimes be nothing less than a wonderful beating down memory lane. 

Let’s talk donts! No one wants to be the talk of the party for bad makeup or for the rest of their lives! 


Let’s breakdown these looks:

  1. There is just so much going on in these pictures I can’t stop but to think of why?! The top left almost had a great idea. The eyebrow’s lips and lashes with the highlighted nose aren’t bad, but the eyelids look like she was going for a deer or Bambi look. Terrible, not something you would want to do. 
  2. The next two looks would be awesome if you were twelve and going to a frozen themed holiday party. These are an absolute no for adult gatherings. There’s just too much going on with the blue and white shadows, the extensive white liver and white mascara. The blue and white shadow wouldn’t be bad if it all was the only one. White liner is cool for something fun, but definitely not all three!
  3. The top right corner eyeshadow isn’t actually bad. The snowflakes are a cute idea but I wouldn’t put them on the lid… maybe on the side of the eye or to the top of the eyebrow. Definitely not what I want my family showing up in to brag on the skills they have.
  4. The bottom two show the difference between a millennial and an adult with children. The bottom left is an absolute no in so many ways. The bottom right is fun a little much, but I wouldn’t fire someone over it. Basically, these looks are fun. Best for the runway or performers. 

Glitter … a Girl and her Glitter ….

Any of these above eyeshadow looks can be done with your day to day routine of makeup, and with any festive color, you desire. Gold and silvers are great for any holiday especially New Year, and if you’re feeling frisky you can do some reds and greens!

Now on to the REAL TIPS

A nice set of mink lashes or long lashes with a smokey eye is the way to go the holiday ladies. It’s basic but it’s fabulous. One of my favorite ways to apply a smokey eye is to start from the inner corner! I use my finger, YES my pointer finger and dip it in the darkest color I want. I find the socket and crease right at the end on my eye and then I rub my finger up and down to get a nice amount of color. Using you finger towards your nose blend it. Take a brush with a middle color or glitter. 

If you don’t have glitter glue go ahead and use some eyelash glue but wait for it to dry and only do one eye at a time. You can use a gel eyeshadow or a liquid eyeshadow to make the glitter stay as well. Setting spray or even a little hair spray sprayed into your hand painted on your eye with a brush could even work worst case! (In a pickle stuff, don’t make that a practice)

Flawless Faces

No matter what the color glitter or lips that are pooping are, the most common look for the holidays when your all glammed up and ready to go. You can’t go wrong with a picture-perfect flawless face. I personally am the biggest fan of Jennifer Bradley Foundation and just know that no matter what I’m not going to look like i have a glistening glow all over my face. I’m not a big fan of the glow look but you can see in the top left post with Kim. You can either use a ton of highlighter or you can use pixi mist glow. The bottle is about $20 at target and it makes you have the wet look. 

Smokey eyes from, brown, black, blue, plum, reds and burgendy are all amazing and easy go to colors for the brilliant classy dresses. 

Winged eyeliner is awesome with smokey eyes, and big lashes. I’m obsessed with Man Eater and I don’t wear false lashes because they rub up against my glasses. My wing advice is to get the stamp and save yourself dozens of hours of agravation. 

If your an eater I would suggest a lip stain so your face isn’t all over your napkins at dinner. Use an awesome setting spray too! My favorite is Ben Nue. You could even drink and eat yourself into a coma and face plaint on some white couch and know you won’t be embarrassed cause half your face is on their pillow. 


Most important and no matter the look you choose…enjoy your family and take some time to get all dolled up. A few extra mins to ad a few new looks will make people talk at the table all night! 

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Bring ON 2020!

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