Turkey Day Twists

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The reality is the rest of the world is about to start their red lips and Christmas attire and us southern ladies are finally catching a breeze. Up until last week, it would be absurd to pull anything out of your closet that had a sleeve or pant leg to it. 

Now that the hoodie and the sweatshirts are out, here are a few basic tips for Fall Weather looks that are simply basic and easy. Perfect advice to throw something together from your closet you already have for THANKSGIVING Dinner.

FALL is Basic

When you think about Fall Fashion the best way to think about it would be to think of nature and the leaves that are falling everywhere, but here. Lol. There is nothing over the top for fall makeup, so basic mom life natural looks are completely the way to go. 

Think about a jungle goddess and try to incorporate that into the look for the day. A plain outfit with no patterns is a perfect look for this season because the main focus is hair and maxing braids. None of the outfits should be too loud. 

Try ripped jeans and some boots, MaryJanes,, penny loafers, or any kind of closed toed heals bring the every day wearing ripped jeans to life! Adding an oversized shirt or sweater makes jeans look like they were meant for the occasion not for the next trip to Publix.

Flowing skirts are awesome with a cami and a shawl or throw over. Since I had the baby I get hot flashes and just wearing a sweater all day isn’t an option. A gypsy looking flowing magical skirt is an easy perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit. The dress can be a crazy pattern and throw on a plaid shirt with a pair of winter looking shoe , like flip flops, lol and your all set! 

One-piece dresses are awesome as well. The bigger the better for me. Knee-length shouldn’t have any sister in-laws complaint in about your attire. Form-fitting and flattering is always a key combo.

We all remember the tails about the Indians and there’s nothing that adds more to an amazing Thanksgiving or fall outfit than a headband and a string of feathers. Feather earrings, a feather necklace or even headpieces that have feathers included in it. This will take any outfit and turn it into a holiday outfit in seconds. Grab that awesomely comfortable sweater or long sleeve shirt out your closet and ad a little blind of feathers to it. No shopping needed. 

Braids are the dressing up attire to any outfit for this fall. Back in the day the tighter and the beater the braid the better the outfit looked. Well thank god for lazy millennials that’s not the case anymore. With all the YouTube videos the trends of messy hair and braids have become the highlight of this season. 

1. Dutch braids (reverse French) first top left pic- basically split apart down your head. Take half the hair from the one side and tie it away. The second half start a French braid, but instead of pulling the strand into the braid and going over you braid in reverse away from the braid and under. Once they are done tightly pull the braids out of the ponytail by each section until it’s a messy as you would like .

2. Side regular braids – top middle picture. Even though this looks completely intimidating, it’s actually very simple. Make two regular braids (or however many you would like) and braid your hair free from your head. Pin the braid to your head where you want to start the flower. From that point on, pull only one side of the braid messy all the way down. Take the end of the star and of the hair and spin it. Bam, a flower! Generously pin that to your head .

3. Pilgram braids -These are not pictured here,  but split your hair into two and braid the each section of your hair .

4. French braids – right top picture. You can use all of your hair or as little as you would like. Start with a regular braid and as you braid and cross each time, add an additional section of hair to the strand in your hand and continue to braid . 

5. Updo Briads- this is just a French braid started at the top of your head, but no pieces are pulled from the top side makeing this braid twist into your head. Once you do both sides meet in the middle and pony tail it. Roll the pony tail up from the bottom .

6. Twist- the bottom lower picture is a basic twists . Form a section  of hair on each side or wherever you would like. Divide it into two peices and just twist them over each other . Pin the the pack or anywhere . You can even pull these for a loose twist . 

7. Warrior braids- these are any braids that are basically done small and plentiful. The bottom right picture is just a French braid with the bottom peice twisted in and each time the top part had a peice coming that way it was released and not put back into the braid forming a Mohawk . 

Any of  these hair dos would spice up any old outfit . 


Fall colors are basic browns, green, yellows and golds. Smokey eyes with brown or any orange burnt colors are gorgeous. Purple and greens are great matches and are great colors to occompay any plan old outfit. Matte colors and foundation are a great fall look. Gold highlights are best and even rose highlights for a faux roast cheeks 

Happy Thanksgiving to All 


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