Turn Subtle Daytime Makeup into Sexy Nightime Makeup!

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Mommy Minutes Hacks Without a Redo

Just like in most of my other post, what seems to be the issue for the majority of us is time. The excuse that we don’t have it to get ready, or we just don’t have enough time to figure out how to get ourselves ready. 

As I continue to post blogs I’m going to be piecing together all of the blogs, but this one seems to be a top cry for help. No one wants to go home, wipe their face and start fresh with a clean slate. Honestly, the thought of it is just so unappealing most of us would rather just stay home. 


Here are some basic tips to help you go from your morning more professional look to the sultry sex goddess in minutes. 


Day: You should have a light layer of foundation on your face that matches your skin tone to a T. No one needs contoured cheeks for a morning job and a baked face full of caked makeup. 

Night: To touch up your daytime foundation, take either a light color to contour the forehead nose and chin and under the eyes, or darker color and use it for the top of the hairline, side of the nose, and cheeks. 

💥 Boom… you are almost half way there.


MOMMYMinute hack #12 – don’t use a brush to add more makeup on your face. Use a disposable wedge and throw it out when you are done. Your face is covered in grease and bacteria and you can get it on your foundation or powder pallets and contaminate it cause acne or irritation 

Blush-Bronzer and Powder

Day: A light banana powder or foundation powder over your foundation is fine for the morning. A touch of blush for some color and a light highlight is great too.

Night: Adding some darker bronzer to the cheekbones and nose for some extra contour always makes the face change. Adding a nice bright highlight on top of the cheekbone and the tip of the nose really glams up the entire look.  


Lashes/ Mascara 

Day: Curl your lashes in the day time and ad one coat of a good waterproof mascara! My favorite right now is Tarte Maneater !!!! One coat is all you need.

Night: Come home and either add a pair of basic disposable lashes for the night or add one more coat of mascara! Don’t put too much so it looks like there are Spyder legs on your eyes! Clumps are never a good look! 

Mommy minute hack # 13 Never put your lashes back in the curled after they have mascara on them. They can get stuck and can be torn out with the curler!

Fact: Lashes take 6 months to a year to grow back when you get older so keeping all of them is a plus! 

Eye shadow

Day: most days I like to go with one solid color. Nothing crazy or dark. Anyone color or even two with the lighter color near the corner of your eyes 

Night: It’s a simple as one two three… take a white highlight and put it near the corner by your nose and literally take a blending brush and go for a darker color and put it in the future corner of your eye.  Just like that you now have a smokey eye.

Maybe a little pop of glitter too! 

Mommy minute hack # 14 – Don’t be afraid to use your fingers either. Just a touch on your pointer finger for the corner of both eyes should be more than enough and you would never need to tell anyone you used a finger.


Day: Daytime it’s easy to use a nice Khol pencil black or brown. Just a thin subtle line.

Night: go over the same line and use a liquid liner. Add a nice wing to get fancy! (use the wing pen) and even ad some liner to the waterline. 

Mommy Minute Hack #15- white liner in the waterline will help reduce the appearance of redness in the eye from lack of sleep, allergies, or anything else that may have made your eyes red 🤷‍♀️


Day/ Night:  Your eyebrows frame your face, so take a few minutes to fill them in. I don’t see the need to make the eyebrows any darker for night time. Maybe a touch-up front the am. I like to use hard tipped pencils.


Day: Apply a lighter tone lipstick or lip-gloss. Sometimes I just use a nude lip liner or I use some of my foundation with a gloss. 

Night: Sometimes you can overdraw your lips for the night but that’s not a necessary step. Use a darker lip liner and fill in the entire lip. Use a lip plumper gloss for the final touch. If you would like to add a matte color one shade light that the lip liner and ombré your lips before the plumper it’s a nice touch as well.


Mommy Minute Hack # 16 Lip stain is my favorite to avoid constant touchups thru the night from eating and drinking Stila stains are some of my favorites. 

Hoping this helps and looking forward to getting these Mommy Minute Videos out! 

All Makeup should take 15/20 min Tops!!! Don’t be these ladies…

A survey from June 2017 

It always depends, but the answers mostly fit these averages: 15 minutes for those that don’t wear makeup often or only wear a little bit. 30 minutes to 1 hour for the majority of women who wear daily makeup. 1 hour to 2 hours for those who really enjoy makeup or extra makeup applied for special occasions.

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