Feature A Local Community Hero



    Broward Mom Collective is excited to share that we feature LOCAL COMMUNITY HEROES on our Network. 

    There are so many hidden gems and superheroes right within our community, and we don’t get to see all the great things they are doing. It is fascinating to know how moms do it all…… and then add your profession onto your plate; now that takes courage! 

    Did you know that it is the community heroes like you that contribute to a more prosperous nation – and the world!  In this case, you are bringing so much value to the families right here in Broward County. 

    You take responsibility and others don’t even realize the dedication it takes to be a community hero. You are teachable/trainable, disciplined, confident, a lifelong learner, self-starter, creative, patient and most of all passionate about what you do! All of this and much more is what makes you unique. After the global pandemic that we experienced, it is individuals like YOU who are rebuilding our economy. You are not just the backbone of your home but to others around you. 

    We hope you accept our invitation for #browardmomcollecitve to feature you on our network for

    “Feature Friday” and showcase you to our community #therealmomsofbroward.

    You are one phenomenal local COMMUNITY HERO!

    Thank you! 

    If you know anyone that is great for this and would like to nominate them to be featured on our network we would love to hear from you. Please submit your selection and fill out the Local Community Hero form. 



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