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Swimming is fun. But you must understand how to stay safe in the water. Broward Mom Collective has the perfect guide, featuring safety tips that could keep your little ones alive.

Broward Mom Collective’s Ultimate Swim Safety Tips

Water Safety Tips

Enroll in Swim Lessons

Lessons help increase muscle memory by practicing basic techniques for kids to use during a water emergency.

Never swim alone

Children should always have a buddy in the water – whether it be an adult or peer – at the beach, on vacation, or at home. Children can drown in as little as two inches of water, so if water is around, make sure someone else is, too.

Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-Approved Life Jacket

Having a good floatation device, especially when swimming in lakes and oceans, is one of the easiest ways to increase safety in the water.

Designate a Water Guardian

Make sure to keep your eyes on your kids at all times. Designating an adult “Water Guardian” with sole responsibility needs to be keeping an eye on the swimmers. Vigilance is critical – no chatting, no checking your phone, no distractions.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips 

  • If your home has a pool, make sure there is a safety fence around the perimeter of it. A fence that has a separate entrance gate from the rest of the yard. A privacy fence with a different gate will allow you to lock off access to the pool from the rest of the yard and decrease the chances that a child gains access when it is no pool time.
  • Have a consistent pool time routine with your children. Do not break from the routine. One practice could look like this: swimsuits go on inside, place water safety equipment entering the pool area, put on the ladder, and begin pool time. Constant communication can ensure a fun and safe day at the pool.
  • If you have an above-ground pool or a movable ladder, do not leave the ladder in or near the pool after you’re done swimming. It’s an added precaution that can give you peace of mind when your children are outside playing.
  • If your child cannot swim or is still new to swimming, make sure they always have a flotation device when being in or around the water.
  • If you can afford it, swim lessons are an excellent investment. There are a variety of swim classes and lessons available. You can find the BMC complete list of swim schools here. 

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Checklist 

  1. Gates and Fences
  • The gate should be in good working order with a self-closing latch.
  • The bars shouldn’t be too far apart, and optimally there will be mesh over the bars, making it impossible for little people to squeeze through. Also, the bottom of the fence and gate shouldn’t be more than a few inches above the ground.
  • Should keep chairs and stools far away from the pool area. Patio furniture is a major culprit in this. If you have it, try to find a place where it’s too far away from the pool gate to use. Some people even have metal patio furniture bolted to the concrete.
  • Try an alarm. A little alarm on the gate can notify people in the house that someone is using the gate. It will be especially useful in the winter when people aren’t using the pool much. The alarm will be a novel sound, and people will be more alert to it.
  1. Check grates and drains in the pool.
  • Drain covers should cover all outlets in the pool.
  • Covers should be in excellent repair, with no cracks or missing pieces.
  • Should warn children about the drains. Their hair or clothing can get caught below the water level, causing injury or drowning.
  1. Safety Equipment
  • There should always be a life ring in a safe place, where kids won’t use it unless it’s needed for life-saving. It should be attached to a rope and easily accessible.
  • A first aid kit could be useful but could be kept in the house.
  1. Steps, Handrails, and Deck
  • Loose handrails are worse than no handrails. Make sure all handrails are securely fastened to the concrete and watch for rusted parts and bolts.
  • Check the steps for sharp pieces of plaster that could be jutting out and make sure the steps are not slippery.
  • The deck should be the right material. A cool deck is light-colored and tends not to get very hot. If it gets too hot in the summer, people will be more inclined to run on it, risking slipping and falling. Also, make sure there is no major chipping in the deck. Water can seep into the cracks, and the damage will get worse.
  1. Electrical
  • Electrical equipment, while needed, is dangerous around water. It means that, if tripped, it will instantly shut off, preventing extended electric shock. Make sure all outlets have a ground fault.
  • Pool lights should be on when swimming at night.
  • Don’t bring other electrical things out to the pool area, such as heaters, stereos, or other plug-in appliances.
  • A swimming pool, while it can be a lifesaver in the summer, is a liability that you can’t take lightly. Buy the right equipment, check all possible safety problems, and make sure your water is balanced. We can help you to keep your pool BRIGHT and CLEAR all year round.

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