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I will never forget the first time my daughter went to the dentist’s office; she associated it with going to a general medicine doctor’s office that would be giving her a “shot”!. As much as I prepped her and chatted with her about it, I honestly thought we were cool. We got out of the car, she smiled, and in my eyes, we were ready! Until she started screaming the minute we arrived and walked through the door. I was actually very nervous because she was screaming and crying so loud. I knew somehow I had to keep it together and keep it moving as I lifted her and tried to console her. We finally made it through the door. Whew, I thought to myself, how will this get better today? Is it just me, or can you remember your child’s first visit to the dentist? I am grateful because the Smile Every Day Dentistry & Orthodontics team immediately comforted her once we arrived; they showered her with attention and redirected her thoughts quickly; she stopped crying and became calm. They were so friendly and compassionate they even asked me if I was okay! That is an experience I will never forget. 

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for little ones, especially when it’s your child’s first time. Smile Every Day Dentistry & Orthodontics, is a full-service dental clinic specializing in treatments for children and adults of all ages. The pediatric dentist team is friendly and compassionate as they understand all the different emotions children go through when visiting the dentist. They have kids of their own and know how to help younger patients relax, have fun, and learn to take care of their teeth. It is interesting because growing up, going to the dentist for me was always so dull, boring, and never fun. I was impressed with the ambiance and how everyone made us feel so welcomed. 

I love the flexibility of this office because they understand that not all parents have the ability to take their children to appointments during regular business hours. Honestly, opening in the evenings and Saturdays has helped because it’s easy to schedule an appointment after work. My husband and I can also get our services done too. My favorite part is the full services provided, and we all can go together as a family. We even just asked our parents to join and come to this location because of the variety of services offered here too. 

  • Exams, Cleanings & X-Rays
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dentures, Implants & Veneers
  • Extraction & Sedation Dentistry
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Braces & Invisalign

The Davie pediatric dentist office is brand new! The coolest yet, with a brand-new modern interior, fun décor, and games for the kiddos to play while you wait. All of the locations,  Tamarac dentist, Plantation dentist, or Davie dentist, have these services available to all patients, brand-new equipment and facility, monthly specials and discounts, and in-house insurance options. I love that we can request to schedule an appointment online for the whole family to receive premium dental care and exclusive benefits. They are not like other places that make you feel uncomfortable if you do not have insurance. The in-house financing and insurance options are available to help out with payments as much as possible. It makes it easy when you can do things efficiently online through the contact form and also download the patient intake forms online. When you have three kids and all that paperwork, you have no idea how much that saves time; it makes sense for us to do it ahead of time. My favorite is the flexibility of the evening and weekend hours. 

Smile Every Day Dentistry & OrthodonticsAs a mom, life can get hectic, and you might not remember all of the concerns you had about your appointment. I recommend making a checklist or writing your questions down because the team is very diligent about explaining and answering questions. If you write it down, that will help during your appointment time. The kids love it and now enjoy going to the dentist; at Smile Every Day, you’re not just a patient – you’re family.

I created a shareable link and a printable “Questions For My Dentist” if you would like to use it for your next appointment, so you don’t forget those important questions or want even if you just want to take notes! It has helped me with my #mombrain and keeping on track.

Smile Every Day Dentistry & Orthodontics
Your personalized checklist for your next trip to the Dentist!
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