FTL Forum: Kids’ Doctors Appointments


How are you handling you kids’ doctors appointments with the current circumstances?

Share your tips, tricks and experiences!

We know this can be a tricky one with the current circumstances.

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“I’m dreading the back to school appointment, but it’s really helping that I can call ahead of time and ask to check in over the phone. That way I can wait in my car until the top is ready so we don’t have to wait around other people in the waiting room. I also plan to take a stroller so that while we wait in the private room my daughter is in her own space with a book or toy. The less she touches the more relaxed I’ll feel 😬”

– Ally Gonzalez


“My daughter went to her yearly check, I was dreading it. Thank you for the tip regarding bringing a toy @gonzalez.partyof3 She had her mask on surprisingly the entire time. I think showing her videos of other kids wearing one really helped her.”

– lboogiemia

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