Mommy Minute Makeup: Beauty Steals to help you SAVE those DOLLAR$

There’s really nothing wrong with trying to make ends meet. Some of us are shy about finances or where we shop for stuff, and honestly, it’s no one’s business. Being that I go through tons of materials and tons of products when I have big events, I love to stock up! Here are some of the amazing Dollar Store Finds for makeup I have found worth it. 


If you don’t like to clean your brushes (and make sure they aren’t growing the cure for something after months of use), get cheap brushes! The dollar store carries E.L.F brushes! The entire collection may not be there but if you spend five bucks on new brushes every month, then you don’t have to clean them. Just an easy hack and a few minutes you can save instead of cleaning them all the time. Why not?


Honestly, finding good sponges has been hard for me. I don’t like the sponges to be too porous because it will absorb so much product, and waste hundreds of dollars through the year. The silicon swabs make the makeup slide all over your face and the hard sponges don’t leave any makeup on the clients. DOLLAR STORE SPONGES! Believe it or not, they are the best. Tried and true. They are a perfect size, they don’t absorb the foundations, and they can be discarded after every use.

If you have bad skin, using disposable applicators and keeping everything as clean and new is the best way to help keep your skin fresh and clean. 

Eyelash Curlers and Cuticle Cutters

Most women and young girls today don’t even know what an eyelash curler is, but everyone needs one! Fake eyelashes that are added for the day, 100% need to have curled lashes to adhere to, otherwise, you will see a separation. Most of the curlers come with back up black rubber guards, so you can actually get along while with this. Cleaning it after every use would be ideal, but once a week just take some rubbing alcohol and wipe the rubber piece down. Never curl your bottom lashes or lashes with mascara on. 

Cuticle cutters along with toenail clippers are always something I’m looking for, with everyone needing to be trimmed and clean, they tend to move from bathroom to bathroom. There are all kinds for kids and for adults to manicure their hands and feet at home. 


Believe it or not, those cute acrylic cases and storage holders you see on Facebook all the time, and at Target and Walmart, are sold for a dollar here. They have all shapes and sizes. Within six months or so you will be able to have an entire matching collection for all of your makeup needs. 

Brushes and Bands and Accessories 

There are all kinds of brush and combs at the dollar store. One of my favorite brushes that are pictured below, gives a completely slick look to the top of your hair in just one brush through. There are parting brushes, along with teasing brushes, and packages of combs in every size there. Curly brushes and knot-free brushes are also available. It’s super conscientious to grab a few extra brushes and to have for any occasion. The best is the holiday times they have holiday spirit versions as well. 


No one goes to the dollar store looking for styling products, but I do. I buy the bobby pins and the salon clips there. They have headbands to pull your hair back off your face while doing your makeup and tons of options for accessories. Sleep in curlers may seem out of date, but for young girls they are ideal with wet hair from the shower. This allows her to wake up with a full set of curls. 

Nail Polish and Decals

Sometimes finding time to get a manicure and pedicure seems impossible, and the thought of walking out of the house with no polish on your toes seems embarrassing. There are dozens of colors you can pick from, along with nail files and nail polish remover. There is also another section with decals for your nails; diamonds and bedazzling embellishments which takes the home manicure to the next level.  

Just take a few moments at the Dollar Store the next time you are there and gather some cheap and easy supplies to have for yourself, you will be more than happy you did!



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