DIY Last Minute Halloween Makeup Hacks: Recipes Enclosed

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As the holiday’s approach and the season of “extra” has begun I can’t help but find myself drowning in life in general, but especially with taking care of myself. All the kids’ laundry will be done everyone’s stuff is always put away and yet there’s my stuff in the corner wrinkled and messy. It’s not my fault it’s just my motherly instinct to take care of everyone else but myself. When I was single and Halloween was here, going to the Halloween store to buy makeup seemed like the dumbest thing I could ever do. Now that I am a makeup artist and I want to have fun with my kids (doing shoots with crazy makeup), I really don’t want to be putting that stuff on my face, let alone theirs! I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to either. 

I am going to give you ten basic Halloween makeups you can do with what you have already and common household item for extra jazz. We’ll present some cute outfit ideas for yourself along with some crunchy-hippie looks to take you from scratch makeup and all you can do by yourself. You can be cheap, lazy and natural all at once and look so cool doing it!

Makeup for Moms and Outfits 

There’s never a reason for us to go shopping for us so dog deep in your closet for some of these items to bust out with these amazing basic makeup looks! 

  1.  Cat – Use waterproof eyeliner for whiskers and your nose. Use a white eyeliner in the waterline and call it a day. Black shirt and pants…hello kitty cat!
  2.  Retro – No eye shadow or nude colors. Use a red or bright pink for the lip with a winged thick eyeliner  Throw on a bandana with some pants and a sweater, you’re Retro and ready to go!
  3. Poison Ivy – Use green eyeshadow all over the eyes. Grab some vines from the dollar store with some gold glitter or gems above your eyes or on your cheeks. 
  4.  Mermaid – Who doesn’t love teals and pinks? Put a fishnet stocking over your head and color the side of your face and your cheeks where a strong bone line is with magical colors. Top it off with a fun lipstick. Grab a headband from the dollar store and a bag of shells. Glue on a few shells onto the headband and also on a plain shirt and your shoes. There you have it, you’re now a “Washed up mermaid”.
  5. Harley Quinn- This look calls for pigtails, a white shirt (color the sleeves in) and paint in print “Daddy’s Lil Monsta”. Blue eyeshadow on one eye and pink in the other. Do your makeup in the morning or after a walk. Jeans will work perfectly to complete this look.
  6. Skeleton – Contour your cheekbones and forehead like the Kardashian’s, but in a fun color. Then add lines on each side of your lips and lines up and down to give you teeth and finish it off with a black nose. A black shirt and black pants and your set.
  7. Vampire- If you are not a makeup girl now would be the best time to try a smokey eye. Add some deep red lips and a few drops of blood under the eyes and the corner of your moth. Dark colors are perfect to wear here, add a cap and some garlic and bam. 
  8. Emoji- Draw a circle on your face and smile. I mean how basic and awesome is this? You can get more elaborate and draw the same emoji on your shirt to reinforce your look or just opt for the face makeup, it’s up to you.
  9. Pop Art- Do your normal makeup and take the back of the brush where you hold it and spin the brush in the shadow you want. Make circles on your face, on your cheeks, just above your eye, down your nose and call it a day! “Pop Art” it is with thick eyeliner and solid eyebrows! Add a fun colored outfit and you’re all set…now you’re a walk of art!
  10. ScareCrow- Do your basic makeup for day events, but add a few X’s, like drawn in lines on the side of your mouth. Add a few patches on your face and there you go, nailed it! Best clothing options would be a flannel shirt and jeans…boom you’re now a scarecrow!
Woman in a halloween costume in studio

Now on to the secret recipe for the good stuff!

House Hold Items for Non-Toxic and Chemical Free Fake Skin 

You will need:

  • 8 TBSP flour
  • 5 TBSP warm water
    Regular/Halloween face makeup

    Mix the flour and water together until you get a dough-like mixture. Add the mixture to where you want the wound to be. You can use eyelash glue or Elmer’s glue to glue the skin on. Gum will also work as well as any nontoxic glue you may have at home. Once you glue the mixture on then use your foundation to cover the area. You can poke holes with a toothpick or use any kind of dull object to create a shape. Drying time is at least 10-15 minutes unless you use a blow dryer to speed up the process. 

    Nose Puddy! Fake Skin! Skin Wax


    • Wax  (microcrystalline wax is most commonly used )
    • Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)
    • Flesh toned or translucent face powder
    • Small glass bowl or can that can withstand heat 

    Add some wax to a microwaveable bowl and place it in the microwave. Once melted, add the foundation (if u want skin tone) and then add the face powder. Mix and it will turn into a puddy. Add the translucent face powder so that the wax becomes less sticky. You can add more Vaseline for the opposite effect.

    Play with the product until you get the right texture! This is great for adding bigger cuts scars adding bumps bones and other deformities or extra skins that shape to yourself. Add the same with either the eyelash glue you are comfortable with or your good ole’ Elmer’s 😏

Fake blood


  • Light corn syrup
  • Very hot water
  • 1 tsp of liquid dish soap (Dawn)
  • Red Food Coloring
In a bowl combine the corn syrup and water. Use smalls amounts of hot water at a time for the consistency you want. Add red food coloring and put in the freezer uncovered to darken and thicken. If you want darker you can add blue or green drops of food coloring. You can also use blue liquid laundry starch with red food coloring added. It sticks well, it gives the coloration of blood and dries with the consistency of real blood. Ketchup and face cream can also be used as another way to get fake blood on your face. It’s completely harmless and not bad for wrinkles and older skin. Default back to Elmer’s, it will be your Halloween best friend for setting all look. Just apply Elmer’s glue to tighten skin and be on the way!
For more DIY Looks:

We hope these Mommy Minute Hacks work for you and inspire you to be creative.

Happy Halloween!

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