There’s No Wrong Way To Spend Your Mother’s Day


There is no right or wrong way to celebrate mother’s day. Whether you spend the day with extended family or alone in a hotel room, some of us mourn our mothers (or mother figures), and others are so deep in the newborn forest that they’d love nothing more than to use the restroom alone. We are here to remind you that you are doing a great job. You deserve to sleep in, sip a hot drink, and sit with the fact that you are amazing.

We chatted with some of our Broward moms to hear all about how they spend their day!


Mom Of Five: “My kids will wake me up to give me their Mother’s Day gifts and breakfast. Breakfast consists of eggs and Pillsbury crescents. They make handmade gifts which are so special. Then they go back to their video games and toys. I get about half an hour of peace, but that’s expected as a mom of five young kids.”




Mom Of Two: “I plan on telling my family not to speak to me until they are spoken to. I’ll likely come out for coffee and then go back to my room to watch tik tok videos until my eyes hurt. I don’t plan to clean or care for anyone but myself. I’ve already sent my husband three links to gifts I would like, and I’m excited to see which one he chooses.”




Mom Of Three: “We usually do a family outing such as hiking (when in Japan), beach, zoo, etc. This year we are going to Top Golf – the first time for me (although my husband and oldest daughter have been). My mother passed in 2018, so it’s a bittersweet day, and I like to do something active that creates a new memory.”



Mom Of Two: “We always go to church in the morning. Then I get to pick what I want to eat for dinner. I’ll stick to something we can have at home because restaurants are always busy. I love the California Pizza Kitchen at-home meals. This year I want to stay home and watch a movie.”




Christine Reyes NICU MOMMom Of Three: “My Mother’s Day has changed over the years. I used to spend it with family when my grandma was alive, but since she passed. I had a miscarriage and spent Mother’s Day waiting for the next day for DNC. It’s always bittersweet, and then when steven was born, I spent it in the NICU, and since then just been low-key at home by ourselves. My hubby makes me mimosa and eggs Benedict, my absolute favorite.”


Rafeea RocheMom Of Three: “One thing I do every year is choose a plant to give to all of the extraordinary women in my life. These are women who have supported me throughout my motherhood journey. I believe the more you give, the more you receive. My husband will drive us around while we deliver the plants and a card to show them how much I appreciate them. The kids will choose a gift for me, and then we’ll go to lunch. I go with the flow and enjoy everyone being nice to me and “listening to mommy” that day.”


Mom Of Two: “It is a special day for us because the girls make me a delicious breakfast, and the one day I can honestly say I do not need to do or worry about any chores getting done. I spend the day enjoying getting pampered from my husband and the girls! We just relax watch movies and spend alone time, no phones, gadgets or distractions.”



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Claudia Mancilla
Claudia is a native Californian and a citizen of nowhere. She can usually be found hiding in the bathroom, strolling the aisles of a local thrift store, or watching TikTok videos in the parking lot of CVS and Walgreens looking for a great coupon deal. She's a former elementary school teacher with a passion for multicultural children's literature. She always has a snack in her purse and a Costco flat of cokes in her hall closet. She is the perfect addition to a community of moms that keeps it real, and straight forward; with her experience as a no sugar coating mama, she can guide and share her family motto is "Do whatever you want. Just be cool." Her kids seem to know what that means.


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