Emergencies Don’t Knock Before Coming


Emergencies Don't Knock Before Coming Jaclyn Strauss

I recently became comfortable sharing my story about my traumatic delivery experience with my second child, Leah. I experienced a life-threatening post-delivery hemorrhage, and my family was prepared by the medical team that I would not be coming home from the hospital. Life was going to be lived without my physical presence. My son Jordan was three and a half at the time and my most significant accomplishment. The whole thing was almost like an out-of-body experience as even though I was physically crashing, my mind knew exactly what was going on. I felt like I was watching a scary episode of Gray’s Anatomy.

The great news is that I was given a second chance, and flirting with death opened my eyes and changed my life forever. Rather than let it bring me down and be a sad story, I decided that it would be a happy story.

I took my passion as a mother, household CFO, organizer, activities director, cook (which I suck at), dog mom, and the list goes on to do better. My family would have been absolutely lost as I hold the keys to our world’s castle when it comes to operating.

It depressed me when I realized that I was a selfish POS. Why the heck was I trying to be everything to everyone and NOT have a plan in place if I got hit by a bus tomorrow? Why did I avoid it and almost cripple the people I love the most? After all, we all know that the reality that tomorrow is not promised is real.

I needed to find a solution and do better, so I searched for the most efficient way to organize this. I am a very Type A personality, which aligns with my professional background of being a CPA.

After searching for a long time, I concluded that nothing was simple that provided me guidance on what to consider capturing in a way that would allow me to experience it getting filed in the most efficient, secure, and streamlined way. So guess what? I developed, designed, and created the perfect solution and launched 2nd Vault, and I feel so good knowing that I am helping create peace of mind for families and their loved ones every day to make them more efficient in their daily lives. Honestly, we all know that emergencies don’t know before coming, and this is why having a plan to secure your important information and documents for you and 

Emergencies Don't Knock Before ComingEmergencies Don’t Knock Before Coming

Note To Self: Secure Your Important Information And Documents For You And Your Loved Ones

How many times do I have to fill out the same school forms and provide the same documents? Now that I uploaded them to my Vault, I have it all in one PDF document to email or print, and I am done. This working mom appreciates anything that makes my life easier, and I am not afraid to ask for help anymore.

Let’s not even get into the fact that as I continue to age, my parent’s age. This thought makes me so sad, but I also know that my brother will not be taking the bull by the horns when it comes to getting their affairs in order. As a daughter, I have greater peace of mind knowing I won’t be sifting through papers looking for clues as to where I can find the important stuff. We all have experienced mom guilt at some point I think this will definitely be a huge relief off of your chest once you get it done. I ask that everyone take small steps to be more proactive rather than reactive. It is always way less costly mentally and financially to prepare rather than treat, especially in a time of panic or high pressure. Let’s all work to leverage the tools that we have to bring a unique peace that we likely never realized we needed to our lives and those we love.


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