Canna Moms Are Good Moms Too

A Note From Your Local Canna Mom


Hi, I’m your neighborhood Canna Mom…….

I’m behind you in the car line, at preschool pick up, grocery store, and the park. My definition of a Canna Mom is a mom who partakes in the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes. I will approach this by telling you a bit about myself, the person I am, and what led me to cannabis.

I’m a childhood sexual assault survivor. I am the daughter of an alcoholic I have no contact with presently. I’m a wife, a mom of two, a sister, a teacher, and a daughter of immigrants, and I was once given the superlative of “Most Easily Stressed Out” by my high school English teacher. I have always been a highly anxious person. I’ve been an easily stressed-out person my entire adult life. I became more severe when I had my first child, six weeks before my due date.

I started smoking cannabis when my kids were 2 and 4. At the time, I lived in a legal (recreationally) state. I lived in a city two hours from my hometown with no real friends nearby. My husband was working long hours in a very stressful position. I ordered my cannabis via an app, and it was delivered right to my door. That night I smoked, and I felt relieved. I danced in my kitchen with the lights low and enjoyed that blissful time after the kids went to bed. From that moment on, I’ve used cannabis to unwind after a long day, just like wine moms do. It’s a treat at the end of my day that allows me to chill out and let myself be grateful and happy about the life I lead. When I walk into a room without medicating myself, I see crumbs, toys, shoes, and mess. When I smoke and walk into a room, I see my children’s toys, shoes, and books, and I think about how grateful I am for my family. I walk into the kitchen and see dishes in the sink and think, “I can do this with some music and my scrub daddy.” I am more playful with my children and husband when I’m medicated. I’m usually not someone who wants to play; it’s just not who I am. But give me a quick five minutes, and I’ll come out ready to play Hungry Hungry Hippos or BINGO. I’ll watch my kids do all of their “tricks” like jumping off the sofa without worrying about how they are wrecking my furniture.

Every evening you can find me dancing in the kitchen, forcing my husband to watch funny tik tok videos, or calling a friend to ask them a question like, “If you could transport yourself to any place in the world right now for only 45 minutes– where would you go?” These are my high thoughts. (If you’re wondering, I will go to the taco truck in my hometown). It has also allowed my husband and me to become closer. The use of cannabis will enable us to be more open and playful with each other, which does not come naturally to me.

I make it a point to sneak it into conversations with new potential friends because I don’t want to be friends with people who think that my consuming cannabis makes me wrong. I don’t judge your alcohol, TV, or Cheeto consumption, and I hope you don’t judge me either.
I was looking at the map of the U.S. I am happy to see that more states are legalizing, decriminalizing, and generally becoming more accepting. I live in a city in Broward that has two cannabis dispensaries! I’m so glad that Broward residents who need this medicine can access it.

I’m going to add this extra note to address some assumptions out there. I do not smoke and drive. All of my things are kept out of the reach of children. I did not partake while nursing or pregnant (though I know those who do and hold no judgment). I am an excellent mother and a super chill friend. And yes, I have all the good snacks at my house!



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